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  1. Sunday Nov 13 at 11AM there will be a Rev clinic in Fort Collins at Fossil Creek Park. If you have interest in joining us please send me a message on here.

    We plan to work on basics and try to get an idea on the skill levels on the front range. We will also try to do some team flying. There are already 6 people expressing interest.


  2. I started on a REV 2. I learned. I think once I got past the launch roll over and crash phase the REV 2 was actually a better kite to learn on in that it forced me to learn to respond quickly. When I went to a 1.5 that seemed so slow that I was able to progress very fast there.


    Use long lines because of the speed. On your first launch go to the top of the window and stay there for several minutes and then fly around in small patterns. Enlarge the patterns and when you are comfortable doing that drop down in the power zone and start tempting fate. Good news is Revs are put together with a shock absorber system. Crashes are not that bad.


  3. Thanks for all the claryficacions smile.gif

    May i suggest vimeo instead of youtube? Not only because it has better quality than yt in all aspects, including stereo sound vs mono sound, but also because it will save everyone the CD step as vimeo let you download the original uncompressed file. Just a suggestion of course.

    Seeing the deadline in december it may let me round up something for this smile.gif


    I agree with the use of Vimeo. You Tube is still doing screwy things with Warner Music Group music. I just uploaded a video to YouTube and had the sound blocked. This could be a stumbling block. If you spend a lot time putting something together and then find out you run into the old problems fromWMG and Youtube. I don't think you have that problem with Vimeo. I have just uploaded the video there that was rejected for YouTube WMG problems.



  4. Detergent Dawn. Take the section that is oily and soak in very soapy sudsy water. Do not put the not oily section in as you my spread the oil. Do that a few times until all of the oil is gone. Then do the entire line. I think that is best thing you can do for your lines. Don't scrub just let the soap do its thing. Then rinse and then lay out the line to dry or go fly to dry.


  5. On our way to the coast we are visiting our son in Truckee, CA. Dropped in at their new Rec Center. Beautiful new facility with 2 basketball courts. They have several hours of open gym every day. I went at 7AM for a couple of hours and had both courts to myself. The staff was friendly and as long as I didn't wipe out any bball players they were ok with me flying. If you are in that neighborhood give it a try. I suggest early morning. They open at 6AM.

    Link http://tdrpd.com/rec_center.html

    If a club were looking for a venue that would be a great one for a fly or competition.

    We should develope a list of known kite friendly indoor venues on this forum. That always seems to be the biggest stumbling block to people starting indoor flying.


  6. I wanted to pass on a trick I learned recently. I have been flying with the same line set since last fall, and they have alot of time on them. They were starting to get sticky, and would tighten up after getting 3 or 4 wraps in them. I use a spray wax on my cars that works great. It is basically a nano wax suspended in a water based solution.

    Yesterday when I went out to fly, I sprayed my lines while they were still on the winder. Enough to soak them all the way through. Then I set up and flew them dry. Which only took a few minutes. The difference was night and day. They feel like a new set of lines again. I could put twice the number of twists into them before they would tighten up. I don't know yet how long the wax will stay on the lines, but I would be willing to bet it will stay on for a while. The wax is under $10 bucks. Cheap for how well it works. Here is the wax I used. Eagle One also makes a way I am sure would work the same. It is called "Nano Wax"---Mikey Devereaux


    My question on any spray or wax coating to renew your lines is does it build up and get sticky like bacon grease. Does it also pick up dirt and sand. I suspect that a good washing to really clean the lines would work better.


  7. Word about the nasties. Melanoma is no joke. It starts at the skin level and then goes deeper then to lymph nodes. From there it is very bad and very quick. The sunscreen is probably good at prevention but your childhood exposure and probably genes determine if you will have melanoma. But why chance it, use sun screen. Also you can get it in the eye so good wrap around sun glasses are important. Remember we are always looking to the sky.

    The key thing is to detect the melanoma early. The gauge is the thickness or depth. If it is less than .9mm there is a good chance of sucessful surgery (complete removal) and no recurrance. If it is thicker that means there is higher probability that it has spread. So if you have one time is your enemy. Mine was diagnosed at a free clinic which reccomened a visit to the dermatologist and biopsy.

    Ironically the young nurse that took care of me had one. Her 4 year daughter discovered it. She asked what the funny spot was on her mom's back. It was a melanoma.

    So kite flyers pay attention to your skin and get anything suspicious checked and get it done as soon as it looks suspicious.

    My result looks good. They thought it might have metastacized but now they think it hasn't. Mine never did look like a melanoma, it just looked suspicious.

    Take care

    Mtn Flyers' friend

  8. you're right about that! There aren't enough of us around anymore to complain about anyone, we only had three judges on the panels but at least it was better than single.

    Nest time (if I remember!) I'll ask the "question" during the pilot's meeting, then listen to what comes back as a response.

    I usually define the window by how far around the parameter I can fly (all the while flying inverted) before I start the figure. I figure if it's powered-up in that orientation, then I should be good to go. I'm looking for landmarks or clouds, some reference points to help position the figure correctly.

    The whole precision thing is very new to me. I'm still examining the figures on the day of the event, I don't get practice (that is rapidly approaching "work" and I'm only doing this for the fun factor!)

    Thanks for all your input folks,


    I consider practicing precision on a REV fun. The REV is a precision machine. So acquiring precision skills on a REV is fun and the way to do it is by doing the compulsories. Why else would you learn to fly in a cirlcle backwards or really try to hold your spot in the sky during clockwork, or slide horizontal thru a lollipop. Hey the other stuff is fun but dead nuts on is fun too like in darts or horseshoes.

  9. I have had a problem with this. Wind window is defined by the kite and line pivoting around the pilot 180 to left and right and straight up and is a rectangle. Figures are defined by that. The pilot should be able to define the window before flying the figure and the better the figure is flown in that window the higher the score with the judges never looking at the pilot. This is much more important on dual line and figures like steps down. The other problem is the figure is defined in a planar format and flown on the perimeter of a quarter sphere.

    It has bothered me that many judges have different views on this and no one seems ready to do the definitions.

    Guess that goes with a small sport in a subsection that is unpopular.


  10. To me, it gives a deeper understanding of sail loading and being responsible for your own sail pressure, as opposed to still being partially reliant on some wind to work with.

    I agree with that. Also being close to the kite gives a better understanding of what is happening. What the pitch angle is and how the sail is reacting visually. Also I think you learn about putting the kite as the REV is more positional than a dual line. And catch and toss is fun. Plus the REV does better jazz on low wind short lines.


  11. I think the B series std. low end is terrific, but while I wait for a Zen to arrive, what could I try of simple (easy reversible) tuning/mods to improve the low end?

    My shortest flying line is 80', so here I gues making a 50 or 65' set would make a difference?

    Would a bridle mod make sense (heard of tying extra knots in somewhere)? Or attaching lines directly to the frame do?

    Or is it simply to much trouble compared to what is gained.... I still want to use the kite as a standard, as I am not reserving it for SUL flying.

    Thanks! kid_smartass.gif

    Equipment wise. 50# lines and either race or 2 wrap. Anything else is technique. Same will apply to the ZEN. I always fly my Zen with 50# lines. It is not the weight of the line but the thickness and associated air resistance.

  12. One possible solution to a situation like yours would be to ask for help in removing your lines from the playing field. Ask if someone would carry your kite (while you carry the handles), with the lines kept taut, off the playing field. Then stake your handles down in the usual way and wind the lines in a normal fashion. This has three beneficial effects: it gets you off the field quickly; it makes winding a leisurely and thoughtful process; and most importantly, it involves the team (or at least one individual) in your problem. Once they become part of the solution, instead of you being a problem, your problem becomes something they want to solve. They have a stake ('scuse the pun) in the solution.

    "If one of you would go grab that kite and help me walk the lines off the field, I can be out of your way quickly, and you can get to your practice." You can explain that the lines need to be kept taut on the way, but the first communication needs to be quick, simple, and point out the advantage to them.

    I think that is the absolute best advice. People are nice. We all share our parks. Most evenings here it is hard to find a spot to fly. That is what 30 foot lines are for.


  13. Yes I do, but I think it`s more of a "personal feel" thing rather than a weight thing. I have a very light touch and am a huge fan of 2 wrap frames in most models/sizes....

    I`ve compared a 2 wrap and a race frame in both a Sedgwick 1 and a `90`s 3 panel rev 1... I liked the 2 wrap better in the Sedgwick and the race better in the older 1...this also has a bunch to do with panel layout and sail material I would think. I have a cool Sedg w/2wraps, a 3 panel 1 w/ race and 4 wraps, and a self vented hot Sedg w/4 wraps.

    There`s something about the extra "bounce" of a 2 wrap that I can use to an advantage in low winds especially with a larger sail and again a light touch. I can`t stress enough the lighter touch otherwise it will bounce too much. If I feel like muscling the kite a little more I`ll put a race frame in.

    I as well love the 1.5 sul`s, but when the wind really dies I put the Revs away and out come the 0wind Deca`s........until of course I save up enough loot for a Zen......would love to check that out in zilch wind....


    I got a Zen last summer. Since then it has been my most used kite. Also the most photographed. Got some wild colors in it. I flew it for a demo last week on 30 foot lines at the festival with low shifty winds. It worked using my ultrasensitive neck hair as a guide I was able to stay down wind (wift) easily. We typically have very low winds and the Zen keeps me flying. Also flying with 2 wrap center on LE and Race all the way around the rest.

  14. We can dance with long lines

    Nice style of flying. Next sunset fly for me will be with some music like that and trying to make my kite more interpretive of the music. Like the whole production of the video.


  15. My line strategy is. On light winds up to about 5 or mph I use 50#. No sag in the lines for more instantaneous response. This is usuall a full sail 1.5 or Zen. Above that I use 90# and just increase the venting. Full Vent up about 35 or 40 works. Above 20 new Rev Thong would be best.

    I hate line sag.


    PS: Indoor or short line outdoor 90# for line handling.

  16. Hello!

    My revo Indoor Measuring 1.80m Crazy Drivers "

    He has a way for clamping bars 8 and as Iboard creates.

    For all the tricks he isfabulous, goodaccuracy.

    it is very heavy flight, presence, and whenyou master it becomes formidable.

    Iwould like to develop in the Revolution.

    I do not do much in control that makes all my Revo.


    I am very impressed with the third video. I spent a couple of hours in gym today trying to pickup some of the tricks and moves using an indoor Rev. I love the way the pilot and kite dance together. As I work on improvement that is the direction I want to go. The circle on the floor is impressive. I like the speed of the moves too. I am a fan.

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