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  1. I have had 3 Rev kites now but don't know that I've found the one that suits me, therefore some sensible input would be appreciated. The first Rev was an SLE Standard. It allowed me to learn the basics. I fitted an EXP LE which made things better but when the wind picked up just a little I found the flight too bumpy. I then bought a Vented SLE and flew it mostly with the EXP LE. Much better - very smooth. I sold both kites and but miss the Vented and the smooth precision it offered. What I didn't have with both was the speed factor so I bought a new Rev2. Great little kite but my main concern was that I had little or no feel - I just don't feel connected to it. The wind on the West Australian coast has it all - light winds through to very strong. I want something that will give me reasonable precision as well as speed so I guess we're down to the Supersonic Standard/Vented, Shockwave or Blast. I'm favouring the Blast at the moment. Are there any downsides to it, or are one of the others better? Any input would be appreciated.
  2. I think I'll just have to wait until the rev2 arrives and see how it goes with the standard frame and lines. These economic times have forced me to consider where the dollars are going right now. I'd sold off all of my kites, except for to very large Premier delta's, and am slowly rebuilding the kite collection. I'm seriously considering getting a B Series Standard for lighter winds. $170 for a rev2 Race Frame equates to 1/3 the cost of the B Series, with lines, here in Australia ($522). If the Race Frame didn't cost so much I'd have it on the order now, but it does command a high price.
  3. Still on the subject of alternate frames - I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has made up a lighter frame not using Race Rod components and are happy with the result - and what was used. My Standard REV II order has been sent off and have been told it'll be available in two weeks. I had been considering buying the optional Race Frame but must admit that the quoted price left me a bit breathless ($170.00 Australian Dollars). I can't recall where but I remember an article about another REV II owner using Sky Shark P200 for the frame. Factoring in all costs a Sky Shark rod frame comes in at $55.00, which is less than 1/3 the cost of the Race Frame. And as Sky Shark rods are available from P90 to P400 - is 90 or 100 too light for the REV II. Would the Structil Hi Mod from my R-Sky Frenezy be alright to use for the lower spreaders? For someone that enjoys flying Revs, but is basically just a hack, is the Race Frame that much better that it justifies the huge price difference?
  4. Thanks very much for the reply. The next chance I get to talk to the people at the kite shop is the day after tomorrow. I've just sold off most of my kites, including the standard and vented 1.5 SLE - along with a couple of dual line kites. I do miss the Revs the most however and this is what prompted a new purchase. The choice for a REV II is a recent fancy. I like the idea of the speed factor, something lacking in the 1.5 SLE, without getting pulled all over the flying field. As these kites are flown when the wind is in the upper ranges anyway would the Vented REV II be the preferred choice. I know that in comparision I much preferred the Vented SLE to the Standard because of the smoother, less bumpy, handling. Which do you feel gives the better enjoyment factor. I don't have the advantage of being able to try any of these kites out, or even look at them in the flesh before purchase. I live near Perth, Western Australia and the kite retailer is a minimum 4 hours flying on a modern jet on the east coast. I'm going to have to commit to one - and then there's the colour choice. An opinion from someone who has both is obviously worth something.
  5. The REV II is high on my shopping list and the guys at Briskites (Brisbane, Australia) are sending off an order on Wednesday. I've had an SLE Standard and Vented (both sold) and am looking for something, other than the Supersonic or Shockwave, that will get around the air with a lot more zip than the 1.5 SLE's. It's now Monday night on the west coast of Australia and the kite shop is closed tomorrow. Therefore the question gets thrown to the forum. There's an option available for a Race Frame for the REV II. Is the cost of this additional frame significant? - US Dollars will do. Are there any lighter frame alternatives other than the Race Frame (just what is that precisely?) that would be strong and also give the REV II a lower wind capability? I do have two L/E spars and the lower spreaders from an R-SKY Frenezy left over. The lower spreaders are Sky Shark II P200, each measuring 24"or 61cm. The L/E spars are Structil Hi Mod 1/4", or 6mm. Could these be put to good use? If the Race Frame cost isn't significant then I'll go ahead and get one. But if what I have can give me a good alternative I'll save some money and modify those. The shop have one B Series Vented (Purple). I think that one will be coming home to my place as well. Any advice/information would be appreciated.
  6. johnesso

    line sets

    An easy one. From my understanding a REV 2 comes complete with everything, handles and lines included. Is the line set used on the REV 2 the same as a B Series Vented. The reason I ask is that I'm ordering either one or both of them next week and may be able to save a little by just having the one set of lines to change between the two sets of handles. So I have a couple of days to decide - do I get one or both. Also have to come to grips with the only colour in stock for the B Vented is purple. The REV 2 is not in stock and will have to be ordered in from the US. I'm on the west coast of Australia and the kite shop is on the east coast so I'm going to have to be patient I suppose.
  7. Sounds like this could be the animal I'm looking for then. I had a standard 1.5 SLE but when the wind picked up it got a bit bumpy on the lines - sold it. Really liked the Vented 1.5 SLE but wished it had a lower wind capability even when fitting with a 3 wrap L/E. I'll send off an email to a couple of the retailers to find out the availability and price. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. johnesso

    Mid Vent??

    I've noticed the term "mid vent" being used in some of the forum discussions on this and other sites. Is this just different terminology for a vented Rev with 4 vents. All that seems to be available here in Australia is the Standard and Vented Rev. Does another series exist between these two?
  9. I've just sold a few kites and plan on channeling the money back into another. One that I had sold was a SLE Vented. I'ce also had an SLE Standard - since sold. My choice comes down to either a Vented or Standard B Series - or what has taken my fancy lately, a Rev Blast. With the announcement of the 2009 Blast - apart the leading edge spar and sail colour - what are the other differences from the superceded model. Is the sail pattern and material still the same etc. I only ask as there are a few reasonable deals going on for the "older" Blast. Does it pay to wait or the new on or are the changes that small it doesn't make that much difference
  10. Yes the Rage 1.8 is a lovely kite but I've settled back to the Rev's because of the precision factor. Plus I've figured out my way of setting up without tangling the lines - finally. Ultimately I will get a B Series Vented, but not until the other one goes. I don't know that there's much point in having both when it seems like the SLE will probably stay in the bag once the new kid on the block arrives. So if there's any Australian flyers reading this who are looking to get into the REV thing, the Standard and Vented I have are both in very good condition. Prefer to sell as a pair. One set of lines and handles. Reasonable/sensible offers considered. Or perhaps a just like new Flexifoil Rage 1.8.
  11. Yes that question again. I can't afford dozens of kites like some of the luckier forum users, and since I made a foray into kiting I bought all sorts to try and find that niche for me. It's been fun but the four line REV's have won me - so the Flexifoil Rage 1.8 is going along with HQ Tramontana, R-Sky Frenezy (Sold) and perhaps 2 Revs. All as new condition, cheaper, looked after and available for sale to the Aussie market because it's just that much easier for posting and payment transfers for me. Any takers??? They live in Perth, Western Australia. Momentarily side tracked - I do have a couple of questions. Yes I have two REV 1.5 SLE's - Standard (Red/Orange/Mustard/Yellow with mylar) and Vented (2007 Rasberry/Gold). I almost never fly the Standard anymore, a bit too bumpy at times, much preferring the smooth characteristics of the Vented with a 3 Wrap L/E. Is the B Series Vented that much better? If so I want one. Does it justify selling off the other SLE's and replacing them with the B? I can't have them all - my choice - and whatever I get for the others gets channeled back into another kite/s. If there's a better choice available then invariably the others don't get that much of a look in anymore. Also - 4 Wrap. Is it the same as what the SLE L/E is?
  12. I've put in a few questions to the forum which I'm glad a lot of people have answered and cleared up any dilemma I may have been having - so I guess it's time to put my two bobs worth in (Aussie expression for opinion/thoughts etc.) Like a lot of others I got sick and tired of spending far too much time sorting out tangled lines when trying to set the kite up. Use two winders instead of just one. Rather than winding the lines in starting at the handle end I've settled on doing this in reverse. After arriving at the flying site, put everything on the ground and get out the first lineset. Unwind from the kite end and then stake the first handle to the ground. The lines at the handle end are never detached from the handle - if you wish to then that's okay as well. To check that there are no tangles simply grab a line in each hand and walk back to the kite. You've got to walk back anyway. Lay each line out on the ground so that they are parallel, grab the next lineset and repeat. Once you've unfurled the second set just place the handle over the first so that they are both staked down, mirror image over each other. Walk back with the second set and place them apart from the first, at a distance that corresponds with the line spacing on the kite. Put the kite together, stand behind it, reach over and tie the lines to the kite. Pull the kite back so that the top lines are taut angle the kite back. Walk to the handles, unstake and fly. To pack up, detach kite and wind the lines in from the kite to the handle. One winder for the left and another for the right. No need to detach the lines from the handles. The only extra time taken is to unwind the second lineset and walk back to the kite to set up. I've never experienced a tangled line since and the time saved untangling four lines is now spent flying.
  13. Thanks Jeremy Not even close on the country (I should have put it on the profile) - Western Australia. I'll give the guys on the other side of the country a call in the morning and get it sorted.
  14. I'm in the process of making up a shorter set of lines for my 1.5 SLE Standard and Vented. It'll probably finish up just under the 50' mark - unless anyone else has experience/ideas on a preferred shorter length. I was thinking of going as low as 30'. My question is about sleeving each end of the spectra lines. What type of line do I use for the sleeving? - I'm guessing a thicker dacron type, but I could be wrong. And I'm also guessing that the spectra is threaded through the sleeving with a blunt ended needle??? Yes/No? I'm using the standard 90lb strength line. Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. A couple more queries for will just about have me there. 1. With the swapping of the LE lets say from Standard to SUL or to EXP, and likewise for the Vented, does this also apply to swapping the vertical spars - or do they remain the same in all configurations? 2. Does a SUL LE spar fitted to a standard give close to SUL performance? If so for the time being I may as well order a kite only Vented and get a set of SUL spars as well.
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