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  1. anyone have an extra set laying around that I could buy? Almost there to get my new baby up in the air
  2. f242

    1.5 SLE Vs. EXP

    thanks for the advice, the EXP in RTF form is $169 shipped, will the differences be noticed enough by a biginner?
  3. ok, i'm just wondering the difference between them. Which one you would start on? thanks
  4. anyone tell me where is the most affordable online store to order the REV 1.5 SLE? can't wait to get it! thanks
  5. is this the Rev kite that most first timers get? 1.5 SLE?
  6. Just wanted to say hello here! I've just ordered a Rev 1.5 SLE (red/black). Hope to share experiences and probably have alot questions while I start this adventure in quads.
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