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  1. I love topics like this one. I saw the first post this morning & knew I would be in for an informative treat as Zen fliers commented. It is very helpful to a newbie like me to read the variety of answers knowing that they are all correct, well thought out answers from those whose journey on the Dark Side has led them down similar but separate paths. All great answers & very encouraging to the prospective Zen fliers such as I.
  2. Dayhiker - +1(5) acquired Rev Blast on the winter solstice 12/21/13
  3. May you find a Rev under your tree & not in it....Joy to all on this eve.
  4. One of my kite dreams is to do this. Got the kite, need the buggy & a wide beach. A few careful buys, an eight hour drive & it could be me cruising the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
  5. I always enjoy the posts from Oz. I am a fan of both you guys. Keep it going, I'm listening.
  6. I am very interested in your kite exploits. Yes, I have missed you & have been concerned that you had possibly got out of kites. Funny thought I guess, but now you're back. Look forward to your thoughts & comments. Earlier today I looked at maps of your area trying to pick out the park you mention.
  7. This is sage wisdom. This is why I actually drive my 80 year old car. People occasionally ask, "Did you drive that to this meet?" I smile later as I drive off, maybe with a little extra zoom.
  8. Hmm, more variations to try. And I will, why not? I think it will be interesting to put one vertical on the front & one on the back & see if I can fly it. My first Rev was partially disassembled when I got it but somehow I put it together correctly. Good karma, right?
  9. Greetings & welcome to the Darkside. Your questions & comments sound just like mine. Keep asking & flying, it helps us others along the path. I started with the 1.5 SLE full sail & later purchased the B mid vent. I love the Revs so much I don't think you can go wrong with any selection. Keep em in the sky!
  10. When I modified a set of handles I had to deburr the tube ends & square them up a bit. You can scrape the sides of the plastic anchor plugs to customize the fit if the plug diameter is too large. Hold a blade perpendicular to the plug & scratch along it to remove small amounts of plastic. Or you can just drive them in with a hammer letting the tube shave material off the plug. I purchased new vinyl end caps from an industrial supply outfit in black & white. Routed the leaders through the tops of the caps & used different colors, white for the top, black for the bottom. I also marked one white cap with a red stripe of vinyl coating to make one handle distinctively different. Maybe this is too much detailed information. Recently got some 0.375" scrap 6061-T6 aluminum rod to fabricate my own snagless style handles. But that will be a winter evening project in a few months.
  11. Anything by Revolution is great. Even though I have several Revs I still plan to add the EXP next time I see one in a kite store that has it available. I like to buy from dedicated kite stores if at all possible to support them a bit. I know that many people only see kites a few times a year & maybe only at a kite store. I hope my buying from them encourages them to have a few higher priced kites in their inventory. Many people would consider the EXP pricey, including me until recently. Hope you enjoy it. Wear it out!
  12. Your kite is very similar to my first Rev. Here I am launching during my second session learning to fly. Still a couple hours away from the ah-hah moment that occurred during the third session. The pull of the dark side was so strong that I bought a second Revolution Sportwing before I learned to fly the first one.
  13. I've been pondering the vented Rev 1 for some time. Still need the Zen for my inland conditions. But until my Rev time accumulates & hopefully skills, I will fly what I have using the next Rev as some kind of self award. Don't have all the line sets covered but it's all coming eventually, right? The journey on the Dark Side continues.
  14. In the long path of life I revisit the beginnings from time to time to remind me of how far I've come. With Revs it's all new to me but one of my goals is to fly the Rev 1 well as it is the old school kite of the group. The large sail always wows me when I see it on the end of the lines.
  15. Looks to be ideal. When I see the bag laying there I wonder what you flew after you shot the video. You would get a kick out of some of my flight locations. I seem to be specializing in parking lots lately. As I sit here in the hollow on Sugar Street I see the maple tree motioning to me to come fly. I long for some wide open spaces like your beach. You are very fortunate. I remember all the times I stood on beaches & did not have a kite to fly. That won't be the case from now on.
  16. We all wish you well. I hope you experience what I did when my enthusiasm carried me way past the learning curve. Fair winds my friend.
  17. I can't do anything like this discussion, yet. But I certainly understand the hypnotized part of it.
  18. Greetings from the dark side of the Blue Ridge Mountains! [at
  19. Yes, I believe you've described some of the reason I started embracing many types of kiting. Initially it sort of seemed like I was somehow betraying my original two line sport kites by moving on to others, especially the quad part of it. Flying SLK's was going another direction too. But when I began exploring the different disciplines my whole perception shifted. I can enjoy them all now. Gliders entered into the equation & I'm wowed again. One thing I really like about my Rev flying is the ease & grace of landing when the wind dies. I can wait a bit for the next puff & it's off I go again. Zero wind flying may be the ultimate pursuit for me but my view changes often these days. Flew at a Wally World parking lot yesterday in really bizarre wind. I could feel the wind change as vehicles parked then left. My passion now exceeds my shyness.
  20. After seeing a video of you flying the full vent it did not occur to me that you would not be on this forum. Look forward to your insight & talent to help a newbie like me. I recently got my first vented kite of any kind, a 1.5 B mid-vent. It is a different world of flight when you have intentional holes in your sail. A while back I could not have conceived the idea of a vented sail, just wouldn't have made sense to me. When I received the mid-vent I felt I had jumped in with both feet also. But the pull of the dark side is strong. Image of my second ever Rev flight as I am about to land a bit hard to the right. Note the fine arm position.
  21. Lately it seems to be in the evening calm at dusk. I would not have thought that was even a possibility six months ago.
  22. My first Revolution kite did not have the leading edge end cap lines attached nor the bottom lines. Kind of a surprise when I was ready to attach my lines for the first attempt at flight. Looked at the top attachments & thought the bridle attachment was very clever. After a few attempts I got them all hooked up. I then proceeded to launch, spin, crash & slide sideways in a true newbie show of determination. No instructions with the kite, no video, oh well, just try. So it went. Many flights later I guess I should check the bridle to see if it's right. Thanks for the great help.
  23. Are all Masterpiece Mesh kites 1.5 size? Has a Rev 1 size been made?
  24. Another place to fly in East Tennessee is Cades Cove in the Great Smokies National Park. A bit over three miles in on the loop road there is a parking area on a hill with a spectacular view of the cove. Flew the SLE there today at the below coordinates. You can copy & paste these into Google maps to see the location. 35 36' 19.07" N 83 49' 55.60" W
  25. I love my 2-4. Now, someday, a 4-8
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