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  1. Thanks for the good tip on boiling the fittings.  First time I made a magic stick set up I tried to ream the hole in the fittings.  Did not work too well with slightly over-sized drill bit but a larger tapered reamer finally cut the hole out a bit larger.  Laying the kite flat on the deck as you show is a good hint also.  I used my large table to lay mine out so I could get the lines symmetrical & tensioned very slightly .  I guess you could tune a bit by adjusting how the sail laid on the table giving it a little arch if desired.  But flat worked well & I was quite surprised at how much it changed the kite.  The setup allowed me to fly a Rev on short lines in my front yard for the first time.  Landing & taking off were so easy.   Have not tried the French bridle, yet.  SHBKF 

  2. So the vertical tubes are also the same diameter/construction as the leading edge tubes, correct?  I would be very interested in acquiring & using a set of these tubes if they are made available.  I like the bigger sail of the Zen & also am fond the original Rev 1 format.  One of my best days ever flying a Rev was at the beach in light wind when I achieved Zen with my kite for an extended period of time.  The slow flying grace of that day hangs in my memory & I can still see it in my mind's eye as the big kite floated over the dunes arcing through the huge window that opened up for me that day.  But after that special time passed I was back to the mere flailer that I really am.   SIgh... SHBKF

    My Zen is on the floor on the left.  My Sedgwick Cool Rev 1 is on the right.


  3. A simplification of the explanation of the increased brake setting may be that you are essentially setting your sportwing to be in a stall, barely flying enough to support the kite's & it lines weight.  Then any change of holding the handles or pulling on the lines directs your kite to move according to the intention of your input.  It is a popular style of flying.

  4. Just came up from the Dungeon.  Measured in it's manufactures sleeve the original Reflex is a minimum of 35.25" to maybe an additional half inch depending on how you would load it diagonally.  The standard 1.5 B series measured right at 35".  So if the smaller one fits your luggage the slightly longer Reflex may just squeeze in there too.  The tubes are quite stiff so I don't think you could flex them a little to fit, but maybe.  Sometimes I flex my dualies a little to get them to fit in a tight storage spot.  The first Reflex is not radically larger than a B.   SHBKF





  5. I agree that modifying parts have issues that may be problematic.  Original equipment manufacturer, sometimes called OEM, parts are always the first & best choice to maintain your kites original performance characteristics.  Modifications & adaptions take you into a different realm.  Field repairs to keep flying can lead to some interesting thoughts.  SHBKF 

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  6. Maybe stating the obvious but you can always buy Rev 1 tubes & trim them to any shorter length you might wish them to become for any other Rev that could make use of that particular wrap.  The end cap issues could easily be overcome with modified ends or swapped out pieces on some kites if needed.  The Speed & Power series have their own separate issues though.  I have pondered using the famous SLE tubes for verticals.  They would be pretty tough but would undoubtedly change feel & balance a bit.

  7. Stepped out on the front porch of the office this afternoon and the wind was whistling through the railing!  I have been wondering what might become available in the extra vent type category.  I really like the look of this new kite & hope to be flying one soon.  Today would have been a good day to fly such a kite here in the mountain valleys of western Virginia.  Winds were from the west at 15 to 20 mph with gusts much higher mid afternoon today.  SHBKF

  8. The trouble I have Bill is being quite new to revs most of the questions I would ask have been answered. But I am a avid user of the forum treating it like a rev bible. I don't want to be known as that annoying guy from the UK re-asking what has been answered. When something constructive comes to me i will post. I for one do not want to lose this forum☺

    I actually enjoy the re-asking of questions as I have gained insight & experience from the reviewing of the latest thoughts. I also like the enthusiasm displayed by many people who are just entering into a world of serious, or not so serious, kite flying. But I have also been kind of put off by some who got after me for not reading the existing topic & previously asked basic question. I blundered on regardless. Sometimes I have been curious about a particular topic & was unable to find a current example or even anything at all about the subject. The forums have search features but you still have to know what to look for. But I digress. Please ask any questions & make new topics for us to enjoy if you so wish. You may have thoughts that go beyond those of us who think we know enough..... SHBKF


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  9. Looks like you're getting a stack ready.. I see the Stacking lines AND the attachment loops.. Very nice color scheme..

    I hear ya on the fly it if you have it.. I only hesitate to fly anything if there's a chance of it getting wet.

    Is that a Supersonic peeking through back there??

    The picture was taken to show the stack work in progress. Also notice the Swiss Army knife, all kite fliers should carry one. The other kites just happened to be on the table at that time. Yes, that is a Supersonic vented. I have two identical vented ones & have recently acquired an older standard. So a three stack super-duper is a possibility. The Rev hoard has gotten a bit crazy no doubt. SHBKF


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  10. Congratulations on your acquisition of an extraordinary kite. Never thought I would get one but I got mine a while back. Definitely a different feel on the lines. As it is one of my more expensive kites it seems like I only fly it under ideal conditions. But as I get older I am realizing that I need to use all the good things I've been saving. So I say get out there & wear it out. SHBKF


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  11. Couldn't stay on 13 too long. Had to move to a luckier number.

    photomom +1 (14) --- Neos Omega (I couldn't resist.)

    Is that "The one of eighty"? I've been wondering which collector it went to. Hope so, SHBKF

  12. It arrived today default_smile.png but I was at work and my wife had it wrapped up for Christmas before I came home default_sad.png

    My first Rev was a Christmas gift from my wife but she let me fly it early as we were at the beach at the time. Sometimes I think she reads the forums & knows more about kites then she lets on. Last year she gave me a Rev roll-up bag & did not say a word about how many Revs I had. Although she did ask if one bag would be enough.
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