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  1. Sorry for not being around lately guys and gals, but the sudden and unexpected death of my stepdad has meant I've not been flying at all. It's amazing how much paperwork , stress and general family discord has been generated. I thank you for all the hints and tips you've supplied and have been checking out the links you have given me. Things are slowly returning to normal so hope to get out flying soon as I need to de-stress and I can't think of a better (chemical free) way of de-stressing than kite flying. Thanks again . .
  2. Wow!! A message from the gods ! ;-) Thanks John, I've Lost count of the number of times I've watched your videos and feel I have learnt a lot from them. To all others who have both welcomed me and offered advice I thank you and assure you I will take it on board, particularly about flying with others. I WILL seek out Rev flyers locally and learn from them. Already worked out I need a vented to slow things down a bit when the wind's up, why isn't there a Rev with a zip out panel for higher winds ? Lol ;-) Raining again today so no flying, back to the videos :-(. Thanks again all.
  3. Thanks for the welcome and advise so far. Meeting with other users might prove difficult as I work three from four weekends :-(. Did manage a couple of hours yesterday at the local park, wind very variable from pulling me across the field to nothing at all. Lots of take off and landing practice LOL. Need more practice. Most fun I've had with a kite since I bought a five metre pkd buster power kite. Looking forward to working my way through the tutorials. Thanks again folks, I'll keep you updated as I progress.
  4. Hi folks. First post from a first time Rev user. Only flown it twice so far as its been too cold (sub zero and snowing on my days off work) but now on a weeks holiday so should get some air time :-) . My rev is an SLE full sail red and black plus a set of ul rods. First flight was a disaster, just could not keep it in the air. Second time out was much better, yep you guessed it, verticals were the wrong side of the sail. RTFM. LOL. Already gleaned a lot of info from this forum and hope to contribute in the future. All the best. Steve.
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