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  1. PM Sent.....I'm On Summer vacation So lets go FLY!!!!!
  2. FlaQuad sounds like...what? Actually It kind of rolls off the tongue quite nicely AWESOME day With an Equally AWESOME Crew. Been Years since I had to use one of them pay phone thingys....just glad I could russel up some change. its Amazing how Free I felt without a phone attached to me. Y'all Rocked!! Awesome Pictures Cheryl!! Chef
  3. Easyyyyy! Denny...Stop Busting Jay's Chops!! Right now I'm not even sure where I'm going.......JAY, make sure You have your phone on in the AM cuz I'll be call'n
  4. Glad to see I made the LIST!! John r u gonna make it to the Fly in Alabama? I'm thinking about making the drive. Chef
  5. Talk about Awesome!!!!! Just waiting to see the pictures! .....#11!! Chef!
  6. You know they have that thing going on in....ahhhh...ahhhhh.... wheres that again....oh yeah Kitty Hawk....this weekend
  7. Ok There has been some talk about doing a Quad Fly in Sunny St. Augustine. So..Here we go......I know its Short notice for a lot of Peep but this Sunday July 15th We will be meeting at St. Augustine Pier about 10am..... 120 ft. lines if at all possible. We will be looking at the IQUAD Manual. Jay Will Have ONE Handy. Bring Sunscreen, Water, some snacks and LETS DO THIS!! Thank you Come Again!!! Chef!
  8. Well I guess I'm the One to Set up This St. Augustine "Suaree". Let me get a calender and see What we can set up in the next couple of weeks. Denny It was GREAT!! Glad to meet ya and We'lll have to FLY a bit next time. AND..............Did you happen to see a B-Series (purple) rev bag where you Guys were...it had 3 frame sets in it?? YIKES!!! Mark
  9. Hey Denny... Have you tried Extreme Kites In St. Augustine or Kitesville in Clearwater. Just 2 options for ya. Chef
  10. Hey Ya wanna fly some black and gold revs.

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