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  1. Thank you for replying when the date are closer I will PM you my contact info. Can't wait for this trip, time on the lines is need it;) Thanks Xay
  2. Well let me introduce myself. My name is Xay, but you can call me Say if you like. I've been flying Rev for about a year now. Skill level I won't disappoint you to much. I am normally on the IKECLUB.org, that's where you will find me, and sometime I come on here. I bought my first REV last year, my kite of choice are B PRO. Some of the peoples here do know of me, or fly with me sometime. Anywho I'll PM you soon. Xay
  3. Heading down to South Beach December 16th through the 19th. Anyone there like to do some flying let me know. Any suggestion where is a good place to fly, and which kite to bring with?
  4. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7379/10305208445_9150927044_c.jpg
  5. Here are my 4 B PRO Xtra vent should be here by Christmas.
  6. just thought I would let everybody know how happy I am with my B PRO, and the time of the year came the wind is getting stronger everyday. I put in my order for my full vent today with the green race rod, and thanks lolly for your help and making it right.
  7. Hey Mark I just want to thank you for helping me out and all the advice you give me . It was nice to meet you and thanks
  8. hey ill give you a call when I figure what the wife want to do this weekend, anyhow I will give you a call soon I sure need a lotta help. anyhow I got a little time to fly today, here a picture of it up in the air
  9. if you don't mind next time you are out at Busse Woods lmk I like to meet upwith you. I will try to make it out to some of the event for sure.
  10. Thanks everyone. now how about some help with flying?
  11. so I talk to REV today about the kite but I decided to keep this one. I don't wanna spend more time waiting, when I order the full vent in the spring I can have what I want. until then I just enjoy this 1
  12. it's kinda hard not to want to fly this thing I have been waiting for over a month to get it.
  13. Well I am not going to name anyone right now, he did email rev, I just like to know did this happen to anyone here before, and what did rev do about it.
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