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  1. Well at last i managed to meet up with the guys on the Dunstable Downs today, a massive thanks to Bill for looking after me and showing me the errors of my ways, for me it was great to be shown the correct way and i now have the confidence to setup on my own and get on with flying and enjoying the whole experience. Any new flyers reading this i would recommend that you meet up with someone with experience as this will save you time and money (broken rods in my case) in the long-term. So thanks again Bill and also thanks to Mark, Graham and Andy for your time today. Looking forward to seeing you all at the end of July for the festival and hopefully you will see an improvement in my flying. Thanks Brian
  2. Hi all, just checked again and its the centre rod and one of the end rods that have snapped confusing myself now. Thanks Brian
  3. Hi all, thanks for all the input, just to clarify it is the 2 leading edge end rods, center one is ok but both ends snapped about half way up (not good piloting i think) it is the thicker leading edge with Ultra Light marked in gold which i think is the 3 wrap. So looks like it could be reasonably expensive i think!!! Brian
  4. Hi Bill, thanks for the reply and i will certainly join you folks very soon, on my last outing i broke both tips to the leading edge so i am looking to order replacements, where is the best place to order in the UK? Thanks Brian
  5. HI all, got myself a 1.5 SLE a couple of years ago done a few solo hours with it but with external commitments had to sadly pack it away, but now i am ready to get it out dust it down and get back out there and master this beast. I live in the West Midlands UK and really need to meet up with experienced flyers so i can get a hang of the basics, happy to travel so let me know if anyone can help or point me in the right direction. Thanks Brian
  6. Hi Terry, looks good, as you are a veteran of this festival any tips on how to get there do you fly / drive? and any reccomendations on where to stay? I like the look of this one for the early part of the year and then try a bit further later in the year. Thanks Brian (Pig)
  7. Hi all, just to give you a update i have been out today on my 2nd flight and i am pleased to say that after the carnage of last week today was a lot better, felt i had much better control and my crashes were not as severe still a long way to go but i think i have the bug and i think this hobby of mine is going to get more expensive in the near fututre. My only question i have is i was surprised at how much wind i needed to get it off the ground, is that to do with my set up or is that common with the 1.5 SLE? Any suggestions most welcome. Pig
  8. Hi all, very new to the dark side, my question is.... i am planning next years main holiday and i was wondering from members if there was one festival or gathering for flyers in the USA that should not be missed where would it be and when is it, going to try and plan a 2 to 3 week trip for me and my good lady to get some decent flying time and also to see some local life. Would welcome any suggestions Brian (Pig)
  9. Hi Katrina, thanks for the notes i shall read thoroughly before my next adventure. Pig
  10. Hi all, good news and bad news, the good is that i got my first flight today and really enjoyed it the bad is that i was shockingly bad, when i arrived at my local playing fields there was a group of power kiters in the corner and when one of them saw me unpack my Revolution they all came over to watch, i did say that this was my first flight and dont expect a JB performance they laughed as if they didnt believe me it didnt take long for them to realise that i was indeed telling the truth and they wandered off shaking their heads. Got hold of a decent hover no major problems but as soon as i wanted to go left or right thats when the carnage started, so really do need the help of someone to pass on their tips and knowledge so hopefully Felix we can meet up at some stage. Will keep you informed of progress. Pig
  11. Hi ho Felix, just to let you know that i cant make the trip tomorrow as my work has just posted me to Scotland next week and i need to travel up tomorrow afternoon ready for Monday, a really big thanks for your kind offer in trying to get me started and hopefully i will be able to meet you and the gang soon. On a footnote i have driven around 100 miles today to different sites locally and not one of them had eneough wind to get me going, so i have my first new kite and i am grounded. Damn pesky high pressure Grrrrrrrrr Brian (Pig)
  12. Morning, first day ready to get going with my first flight but guess what!! NO WIND not even a gentle breeze, what kind of winds do i need to get my 1.5 SLE up?? Brian
  13. Pignbroke


  14. Well folks my parcel (1.5 SLE) has arrived and is unpacked, looking at it with a grin on my face going to try and get to Blackheath (TBC) on Sunday to meet up with Felix and the gang to hopefully show me the ropes however might sneak out on Saturday to have a fly fly!! Wish me luck and i will keep you informed of my first flight. Brian
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