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  1. Just got my 1st Rev (B series Standard). I was wondering if there were any Rev fliers in my neck of the woods that would like to get together and show me a few things. I'm off 45 south and Scarsdale exit. Thanks Brian.
  2. Ordered my 1st REV. Went with the Revolution 1.5 B Standard. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts. Cheers. Brian.
  3. Thanks again for taking the time and helping me. I just don't want get a kite and a couple of weeks later wish I had gotten the other. Just want to make sure I have a kite that can handle the variety of winds where I live. I thought the B2 was the B that people were talking about, the web site info I went to made it sound like it was the kite for me. What would be the exact B model and specs for my 1st REV. I hear a lot people say if they could start over they would have gotten the B. I love flying my dual and power. I fly those kites about 10 to 15 hours a week.
  4. Thanks for the input everyone. I called a dealer and was going to order the Revolution B2 Standard Quad Stunt Kite He told me I should get the EXP. for my 1st Quad. Any thoughts on the 2?
  5. Founds some great info on kites in this forum but was hoping if I explained a little about me someone could help me choose the right kite for me. I live near Galveston Island, Tx, I have never flown a quad but have experience with a dual and I'm currently learning kitesurfing and land board. When I went to buy my first trick kite (dual) I was wanting something big and was looking to spend 300.00 but my local kite shop recommended that I start off with something smaller because I never flown before so I got the Salsa II and loved it and only spent 80.00. Bad thing is, after 10 hours of flying t
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