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  1. I ordered and got a prism nexus and a 4d light kite, both duals, as i have no experience an wanted to try them! Well i got them today and tried them both (put the 4d away until more experienced). Anyways, really enjoyed the nexus and had a blast. Then i came in and tune into YT to learn some tricks, that when i seen some quad videos... I couldnt believe it! I immediately ordered a Rev 1.5 SLE that comes with lines handle, dvd and free UL leading edge. What have i got myself into? I live in northern canada, so will have to be self taught with videos online, forums and other sites, but am excited either way. Hope i picked a good kite, because i dont think the wife will let me buy many more, it was 309$ btw...not sure if i got a deal.(http://canadiankitecompany.myshopify.com/products/revolution-1-5-sle-4) So about $500 worth of kites in a week lol, oh well photography, my other hobby is 30x that expensive! Just wanted to say hi, and cant want to read all of your peoples posts and tips! Now, where to start?! I downloaded the howtorev.pdf... Is a subscription at learnkite.com worth it? What are some other good tutorial sources? Thanks in advance!
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