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  1. Really happy then. If I'd wanted a fake I'd have gone to China! I don't know how many fakes there are out there that have the rev logo and wouldn't know how to tell a real from a fake. I'm looking forward to getting out with it again. and I'll take the trick line off too. thanks again
  2. So is the 'trick' line worth keeping or should I just remove it? Does it help with learning tricks? I only have the larger LE, and need to save hard for a while to save up for the new smaller one. Cheers for all your help
  3. Yeah, it goes from one end of the leading edge round the kite and up to the other. He said it was to prevent line wrapping while doing tricks and was set up by a pro. Did people have them in the 90's? Can be easily removed. I'll check out kiteworld, thanks
  4. Where do you get the frame from for the UK? And does anyone else have the trick line, like in the pic?
  5. Well it did seem to be too good to be a fake. So is it as good or not? And what do people think to the mods?
  6. From reading bits and pieces on the net I have some concern. I don't mean the Chinese 4 line kites, I mean kites that carry the Rev logo, but not made by Rev. I brought a Rev SLE off eBay from a good trick kite flyer. He said it was from around 2002/03. It came with the Rev thicker LE, adapted end caps and a trick line, with the smaller handles. My doubt is over the sail pattern, I've only seen it on the Exp, not the SLE. Below is a picture. Anyone help?
  7. My story. I had a small delta and a diamond stunt kite since I was about 7, but never did anything other than loops, dives and figures. About 5 yrs ago they gave up on me so I brought a power kite. I ended up with 20+ kites and 4 mountain boards. Then last August I had a bad incident that put me out of action for 6 months. Well traction days are done, so I thought trick kite flying. Brought a few, then started talking to foggydave and my first rev was on its way to me. This was all before I was able to even fly any kite! I had a go with Foggydave Rev SLE a couple of weeks ago for about 30 seconds and realised that they fly nothing like a quad line power kite. I thought I was gonna smash his kite to bits so gave it straight back to his expert hands (even though he says he's a complete novice, he's an expert to me), and wait for mine to arrive. So mine has arrived! Took it out the other day and set it up, but there wasn't enough wind to fly it, so I packed it away and flew the spacekite tattoo for a bit. A bit of rain last weekend, but the wind was 8-12mph and really wanted to have a go. Well I can pretty much keep the kite flying in the air and am getting used to just brake turns and brake corrections. Not confident with this kite at all, and wouldn't want to fly where I could hit anyone at all. Really looking forward to the learning curve and any help from fellow rev flyers. Anyone else around Leicester UK? Also my kite came with a couple of modifications. Not sure if these are any good or not?
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