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  1. Excellent! I better start practicing. Thanks for the advice. I was a little worried I'd be a bit isolated, but La Jolla is closer to Mission Bay than I'd thought. Hopefully my o/s student ID will work in the states, but I think the SD public transport is considerably cheaper than what I'm used to in Sydney anyway!
  2. Hi all, I hope this thread isn't too old to be posting on now Just thought I'd put it out there that I'm heading to San Diego for a few months for a summer internship (I'm from Australia) from mid-May to early-August 2012. I'll be sure to contact the San Diego kite club and head down to Mission Bay, but if anyone knows any flying spots close to La Jolle/UCSD which is where I _think_ I'll be staying, I'd love to hear about it too. I'll probably be bringing a Rev 1.5 and/or a Rev 2 over with me, both non-vented. Hope to meet lots of rev fliers in person at last (there aren't m/any where I'm from)! Cheers, Stefanie
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    It would have been Sunday morning the 13th of November, there was some sort of running race on that morning. I didn't stop to talk because we were only there for a day really, and I had to make absolutely sure we made it to the Air and Space Museum. I just gaped for a few moments at the awesomeness of it, made a mental note of the "Revolution" logo and kept on walking. I think the sail was mostly (partly?) white/light with maybe blue or green accents (but don't trust my memory here). Definitely wasn't one of the power/speed kites and I don't think it was vented. If it was you, then thank you very much for inadvertently being my introduction to this wonderful world up in the air Seriously, I now have a strong urge to go down to Canberra (our capital) and see if they'll let me fly around our Parliament House or some of the other official buildings/memorials there. And to Michael, thanks for the welcome to the forum
  4. feels validated. Hooray!

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    Hi all, I've just started flying in Sydney, NSW - I got a Rev 1.5 SLE for Christmas after seeing a guy flying one next to the Washington Monument on a trip last November. I have seen plenty of kites out and about but no other revs yet... So far I've been flying in two main locations, Sydney Park when I'm at home (great in N/S winds, and with the planes landing/taking off nearby), and South Coogee when I'm at uni. Any others out there in Sydney? Cheers, Stef
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