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  1. Gday Stroke Thanks for the suggestions. My fat old fingers and hunt and peck typing have again betrayed me. The 50/120 should have read 90/120. So I have already followed one of your suggestions. You are also saying that 90# should be my standard except for the specialist light stuff at about 50#. And that 80' is a very useful length for (wash my mouth out) playing with myself. With possibly a shorter set for the occasional lash out or tricking. All sounds reasonable. So maybe I should get some 90" bulk line and make up a few sets to length. Rummaging through the old stuff I found some spools of #80 spectra -brand unknown but maybe Bainbridge - (used for dual liners). Is that a useful line - weight or should I save that for the 2 liners. Glad my plans for a JB std and a vented seem like the most flexible and appropriate for my flying style. I am already enjoying the std. Good to be back flying Revs. Thanks. William
  2. Gday Paul Thanks for examples of good things to do with short-er lines. As you might remember I am much too fat and lazy to run around flailing and tricking but maybe someday - when I am young and beautiful again it will all happen. But first to get the thumbs and wrists back in practice. On longer lines (thanks again for them). When I reach that stage we will have to meet somewhere in this world (Cervia?) and I will get some lessons from you. Meanwhile the JBstd/race is starting to earn its keep. Missed you and Barb at Dieppe this year. But you did not mind missing the mud. Maybe see you there 2013. Will most likely not make it in 2012. Ciao William
  3. GDay Kent Thanks for the quick and informative reply. I think I interpret your comments to mean "use LPG -same line- unless there is a specific reason to use 'Modulus' (marketing term) and be ready for some possibly unexpected results". I think I was leaning toward that sort of conclusion. Unless there is more information which might be of interest to other readers of this thread I will switch our future (commercially-oriented) discussions to email at AWOC if that is OK with you. Thanks William
  4. No luck. The Forum software seems to malform and truncate My Link in my signature block. Link should read http://members.iinet...~wef_associates This forum software seems to handle them differently than the others I have used. Looking at the preview of my post it seems to work when typing it - it is malformed when previewing it. if I do use Insert Link from toolbar above then it is also truncated. Is there a FAQ on inserting links. Is there any way I can preview my Signature Block without finalising a Post. Will De-Link until I can get this straightened out. Regards William btw: name of website is "members.iinet.net.au" that is followed by "/~wef_associates" (without quotes)
  5. The link in my previous post is malformed. See if this one works any better. William
  6. Gday from Down Under (or Up Over depending upon the time of day and your orientation) Returning to flying Revs after a long layoff. Much of the technology currently available did not even exist when I learned the little I know about kiteflying. So I am asking for your opinions and expertise in a few areas (at the moment -probably many more questions in the future). Have perused this forum and many Vendor's blurbs about some gear. Have not yet found answers to a few of my questions. I have a 1.5 JBstd w/Race Rods (black) and am contemplating a 1.5 JBvented to go with it. Will plan to have a set of each kind of rod (2/3/4wrap, and race). Mostly fun flying on the beaches of Sydney. (Might consider carrying along to festivals where I usually fly SLK - when I recover my lost skills(?)). Relaxed rather than aggressive, 'flash' or 'tricksy' style. Winds usually 2-10 or 15-30kph. Not too much in the way of nasty gusty winds (stay inside drinking wine on those days). Do not see much team flying in my horoscope. Currently have a set of 50#/120', (assume LPG -Thanks Paul), 13' and 15" handles. For my other lines a local dealer is suggesting Modulus line sets as opposed to LPG. Have not been able to find out much on the difference between the two. Prism website seems to say "each is better than the other". Maybe? Could you please comment on this choice considering my flying type and equipment and value for money (cost difference not a consideration). Am comfortable with the 120' lines. Are any other lengths really important or helpful for my type of (proposed) flying. Your opinions will be appreciated. Thanks for your help. William
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