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  1. Great, thanks all for your replies. It sounds like a very happy Rev family. Yep, I'm slightly scared of becoming a Rev widow! I'm sure we'l be popping to Blackheath soon. I suspect I have very little talent and potential in kite flying though... Cheers again guys, that's all really useful.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm pretty clueless of kites, so please forgive me. I think a decent kite would be a good present for my boyfriend, and from what I can see online, Rev users get really into them. I don't think he's ever flown quad line kites before, but I expect he's flown others. He picks things up quickly, and I think he's responsible enough not to hurt anyone in his learning process. Bearing that in mind, and from trawling through this forum, it sounded like a B series was a good Rev to start with. Comments on this greatly appreciated. Ah, and even in the B series there's a load of choices - 1.5? We live near Blackheath, London, where there's always a few people flying kites. I'm afraid I have no idea what the wind speed is, but enough to fly kites... (I've seen Rev flyers). He also spends a lot of time in Cape Town, South Africa. So no/mid/full vent? From forum trawling mid vent sounds like it's got more flexibility (not literally) than the full vent?? All advice on this welcome, as really, I have no idea. OK, then there's things like wraps and lines and loads of options which I have no idea about. If I want to give him a package that means he can set it up and go and fly, what do I actually need to buy and how do I decide?! I live in the UK (although they're a lot cheaper on American websites, and do have time to get it shipped if buying via America is straightforward). This looked like quite a good package, and seems to come with 2 and 3 wrap frames and some 'laser pro gold lines' - http://www.kiteworld.co.uk/acatalog/Revolution-John-Barresi-Rev-1-5.html. There's a lot of questions there (sorry!) - Are Revs the way to go in the quad line offerings? What kite? What vent? What 'accessories'? Thank you for your help.
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