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  1. I got the standard sail as I live inland and dont have as much wind as the coast. Thanks for the welcome.
  2. My wife and I were attending the Kite Festival in Lincoln City over the weekend. I spoke to Stroke Victim on Saturday about the Revolution kite he was flying. Real nice guy and he invited me to join the forum. On Sunday I spoke with Beach and he gave me a lesson and some advice on which Rev to get. I went across the street to Northwest Winds kite shop and purchased my first Rev (great sale price). It is a black and lime B model. I studied the instructions, DVD and forum on how to fly it that evening and went out on Monday to give it a try. The wind was howling and the kite was moving fast. I was surprised I did not break the main spar as I drove the kite into the ground many times. This is my first 4-line kite and what a kick it is to fly. It is Tuesday here now and the wind is still up. I am waiting for a little calmer wind before going out again. I want to thank every Rev flyer I spoke with at the Festival. I can see this is truly a family of fliers. I wish I would have had JB sign my kite. Mayhem.
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