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    RC aircraft, scuba diving, CNC machines, Reef tanks, and of course kites (talk about expensive hobbies)
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  1. Just got my new lines in... Skybond (50# and 100#). The 50# will be 50' for light wind and the 100# will be 100'. Whole lot "slicker" than my previous lineset... And now waiting for two things..... Wind and Time...
  2. Yep on asking... I wanted to do some design and planning over the holidays. I hope to make a case that is suitable for my custom kite. You know bling factor. + stan
  3. Since I now have my be series pro.... I want a hard shell case. I am planning on fabricating it myself.... But I'd like to put the rev logo on it. Does any one have a vector art version? This is for my personal use. I can photo & convert but if anyone has one and would care to share. I apologize in advance if this request is "bad form." Stan
  4. After the wife saw it... She now thinks it would look good hanging on the wall.
  5. The Brown Sleigh carrying my new B Series Pro just left..... Dang it, Lolly didn't pack the wind..... Question... Does drool stain the sail? pics to come later... I gotta work Stan
  6. Well my journey into the dark side is almost complete..... It will be complete in about 4 weeks when my kite is delivered..... Let you guys read between the lines as to what Rev takes 4 weeks to get here Stan
  7. Ah... the arms race... MADD (mutual addiction and driven to devour the REV) Already picked out my next REV. Going to go much lighter in the wind range but not to the indoor/zen, a 1.5 B. BTW, it sounds like I still have way too much down as to get the kite to launch inverted I have to haul in on the bottoms (almost all the way). Next time out (assuming good wind), I going out further on the tops. Stan
  8. Now that I've reflected on yesterday's flying time (and no I didn't have to take anymore Ibuprofen today) I did not take the time to move the top lines out further so I am only making a guess at this point... If I had moved the top lines too far out, the kite would have gotten progressively harder to launch and eventually to the point that again there would not be enough brake (due to having to fly with the handle tops near if not completely in)....
  9. Got some good wind (enough that I've already taken some OTC painkillers).... Again a really great time (ask me tomorrow 'cuz I know I will ache). I didn't have to move around much to keep the kite in the air. I did however move when it commanded me to move (read jerk me around). Learned some key things namely the importance of having to add brake (or move the top lines out) as there were times when I could not "get on the brakes quick enough" to stop or turn. Landed and adjusted the top lines out a knot, relaunch, much better in terms of manuverability. Flew to my hearts content (ok not really)... Later..... Stan
  10. Got some more time with the Shockwave today.... It was a blast (oh no that is another rev. ) Only had the Walk Of Shame a couple of times and 1-2 "hard landings." Shockwave is definitely hard to fly in lighter/gusty winds, today was much better.. Now if I can only remember to count the number of spins clockwise while trying to maintain control..... Believe me I can't wait til I get some 15mph winds (ok I can wait need more 8-10 mph to work on control).
  11. Flew the shockwave a bit today (got a decent wind for a little while).... Learned some basic things... 1) do not pull on lines.. (like dlk)... 2) keep sail loaded otherwise it wont turn.... 3) may have to "pump" or tug on lines to keep sail loaded 4) kite gets squirrelly when the sail unloads (stalled) 5) when stalls kite has a mind of its own... Just like my r/c airplanes... Moral of today's lesson DON"T STALL THE KITE
  12. For killer excitement go the other way, fly the "indoor" outdoor in light wind.... Or fly 1/3scale indoors Stan
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