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  1. Thanks again for all the replies. I will be going to the Margate festival, though i didnt know it was on until you mentioned it David. Hopefully see you there! Martin
  2. Hi, Thankyou both for the replies, very helpful. I removed the larger rods earlier and they have the same three feather, ultra light stickers as the smaller ones so are the SLE rods actually the large diameter 3wrap ultra light rods ? Also, I am struggling to understand why so many people recommend the smaller rods over the SLE ones. Why is a stronger, stiffer rod not as precise as one that flexes? And why are 2 wrap rods for "professional use only" ? I have so far managed to fly the kite up and down, left and right and to hover upright (a bit!). Anything else is proving a bit of a struggle. Would i be best staying with the SLE rods or using the ultralights? And finally does anyone know of anywhere in Kent, UK that is good for flying or where perhaps others fly too? Thanks again, Martin
  3. Hi all, I have just received my first Revolution kite, a 1.5 SLE. Having read a number of threads on here I noticed plenty of talk about 2/3 wrap leading edges. Could anyone tell me how these differ from the leading edge in my kite and also what the "1.5 UL" tubes are that came with it? I am guessing that it stands for ultra light and they should be used in low wind? How do they compare to 2/3 wrap versions? Also, what does SLE actually stand for?! Sorry for the very basic questions - I am sure they have been answered elsewhere but I cannot find them! Regards, Martin
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