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  1. I just may have to make the trip. : ]
  2. Thanks! I was out of town last weekend, but I would love to make it up to Liberty State Park sometime. It just requires some planning to get there. I am still learning the basics of flying right now, and do not want to look like a complete newbie in front of people just yet : ]] Regards, Bill
  3. Thanks a bunch! I will check them out. And let me know when you guys head out, I will see if I can make it.
  4. Hello! I recently purchased my first rev 1.5 from Cath and Elliot at Flying Smiles Kites in OBX... However, I live in Southeast Pennsylvania near New Hope/Doylestown, and I am interested in flying with anyone in the area. Let me know if anyone is around and interested. Cheers, William
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