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    power kites stunt kites
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    currently have a ozone flow 3m but looking to get a revoloution sle 1.5 by october

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  1. hI terry nice to hear that there are rev fliers closer to home dont have mine yet will have it by october hopefully yeah maybe could meet up one day only problem is i dont have a rev got an ozone flow and a hq bolero eruption so could bring thoose it gets so boring flying on your own lol itd be nice to fly with some one else for a change maybe see you out there soon
  2. happy and looking forward to getting a revolution 1.5 sle :-)

  3. hi fusion im from the dundee area i was looking at the 1.5 sle even stronger acording to revolution website
  4. hi everyone im new here just wanted to introduce myself im ross im from scotland now im looking to get my first revoloution by october just have one question which of the revolutions is the strongest what revoloution can handle the most punishment as its my first stunt kite so i may be a little harsh on it ive dealt with 4 line kites before as i own an ozone flow 3m power kite
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