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  1. Hi, Here there is my competition video in the last CerviaCup (Italy). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7waJFbeFdM Thanks to all those who comment with suggestions to improve! Bye Gabriele
  2. Hello! I don't find any presentation thread, so, I'm sorry if i have miss the right place. I'm Gabriele from Turin (italy) and I'm a S.T.A.C.K member since 2008. I flew rev kite and I do competition in Multi Line Individual. My rev kite is a bit different from yours revolution kite, I use the Maiocchi Rev kite that is our prototype of rev. I also sew my kites I read a lot of interesting discussion in this forum, in Italy the 4 line kite is not so much used... sorry for my english bye Gabriele
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