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  1. Thanks for fixing it John ....
  2. Ok so me and some flyers were supposed to meet up in Louisburg to fly today but things happen and we couldn't meet up and fly. So I get in my truck with the wife and head out to a park that I wanted to go to for a long time now. I get there and what do I see but a kiteboarder. He said he used to fly Revs and that it was identical to flying a Rev. I go over to look at his setup. It looked like the Rev handles were on steriods hooked to a 6m flexifoil bohemeth. Can you guess what happens next....... You're right he let me fly it, that thing pulled me around the park like I was nothing. So now I
  3. I'm there just tell me when. Sent from my DROID BIONIC
  4. Well I'm having a lot of fun no power since this morning, so we are partying like it's 1899. I'm hoping everyone on the OBX is somewhere safe. Prayers going out to all of y'all.
  5. Nick did you get my email?
  6. Love the pattern and yes we need to meet up, I here louisburg calling me.
  7. Nice, have fun with it. Sent from my Etch-a-Sketch
  8. Hey that looks like my kite.... Sent from my Darkslide v4.2 DX
  9. So I was playing around with different sizes of SS rod and came up with these two. On the left is Mini Me 3/16" and the one on the right is The Beast 7/16" almost 1/2". Enjoy Sent from my etch-a-sketch
  10. <br /><br /><br />I love when people rubber neck, it's funny because you know they are thinking "what in the heck is that". Nick and I have that going on when we fly at louisburg. Sent from my etch-a-sketch
  11. I hate disturbed air, think I'm going to have to find somewhere else because the wind is way too erratic over here. I got a couple more places to check hope it has a more fixed direction. Sent from my etch-a-sketch
  12. Today I got out and flew for several hours. Did a bunch of hovering and some inverted hovering. I'm trying to get better at inverted maneuvers. So all in all a fun and productive day, other than the wind trying to blow in what seems like every direction. Hoping to get out tomorrow and do some more. Sent from my etch-a-sketch
  13. <br /><br /><br />Got the info. Take that West Coast another added to the East Coast. Welcome to the Darkside. Sent from my etch-a-sketch
  14. Do you know Kip by any chance because we meet yesterday and he was talking about a couple guys flying out there. Me and Nick(Reef Runner) have been meeting in louisburg at the Wal-Mart and next time we meet up we wouldn't mine having more people come fly, the more the merrier. We ain't pros but nick can help you with anything. Sent from my etch-a-sketch
  15. <br /><br /><br />Thanks for the welcome and that is my tapatalk signature, I'm glad you like it. Sent from my etch-a-sketch
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