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  1. Sounds like a great idea, the timing could have been more user friendly for this part of the country when the beaches and parks was still open, I even remember sunshine, now the usual weather is a mix of rain and snow and the beaches are covered with dead fish and driftwood. Not too camera friendly time of the year for something as bright as a Revolution kite.
  2. check out post #13 in blast setup for the bungee knot
  3. flt101

    Blast Setup

    stan, like so? in post #13
  4. Looking at the last few posts reminded me of a few recent ones i put in the bag +1.5 SUL Black Rainbow +B2 Purple/Grey
  5. Hi James, aboard, when one wing flips over and goes into an uncontrolled spin it is because when the wing straightened out there was line wrapped over that wing tip. It's all just usual learning. Mike
  6. Happy Birthday Bazzer and thanks for all your fine work
  7. WOW, I would love to see the Jimi stack other than in pictures! DPI is always the last full weekend in July.
  8. I was DPI as a volunteer for the 3 day event, it is so much more than kites, Sunset Point is definately Lee's playground for the 3 days, I wish I had a good camera for the night show with laser lights, black lights, bubble machines, like a mini circus. Not much room for a kite festival. There was several other events going on throughout the park. I spent much of my time selling DPI t-shirts and buttons.
  9. flt101

    new york

    On your visit to NYC, if you have an address there, any of the above mentioned kite shops could have a kite there waiting for you on the day you arrive I'm sure. It only takes a few days using USPS priority mail from coast to coast.
  10. There is a good point here! If you have an older/well used Rev and pay no attention to what side of the hole the endcap is next to, that is the side of the edge pocket that is wearing through to white material of the cloth by the endcap rubbing on the same spot. Now I need a trade my wind meter in for a good timer to give the material equal wear
  11. Actually it wasn't a kite I was looking at it was the banner/feather.
  12. Ben i checked out the video and noticed at 2:30 to about 2:39 a revolution feather that looks like the evolution of the revolution kite pattern and color, where do i get one?
  13. flt101

    new kites

    Any word from Lolly on your SLE, I signed up to volunteer at Discover Presque Isle on Sunday 30th, so there will also be 100's of others wearing the frog t-shirts, I'm going to see where i can pitch a tent for a few days in the area. Your 2 1.5b's should cover most wind there. Mike
  14. I would go with the Dawn for dishes then McLube SailKote for the sail and lines.
  15. Ouch!! If 32 staples don't count then it sure should. Just pulling them out should count.
  16. I would see what Lolly has to say about your old sail first, if she says it is shot then she can send you any "sail only" you want, did you send rev the sail only or the bridle and hardware as well? The lines will work fine on all the 1.5 revs.
  17. If I get the ok from my Dr I'll be there, you can't miss me I'll have a DPI frog t-shirt on
  18. Somehow I knew the tough job part was coming on that one.
  19. I like the idea of the 2 frame sets that come with the b series, so you would be set on frames for both kites, the sle frame from your first kite, the race frame and the 3 and 4 wrap frames you get with the vented b, also if the sail you sent to lolly is shot you may consider a sul sail as most of the flying the heck out of kites takes place in the learning stages.
  20. Wayne your flying and being here is sure inspiring for me,,
  21. One thing I always do with new lines is seperate them into pairs then give them a run for their money on a nice pulling dual line kite, afterwards you can equalize them. It doesn't sound like the walk of shame as much as it sounds like the wind shifting or stopping on you, Nice first kite!!
  22. [quote name='Love2fly' date='25 June 2011 I just had the knee surgery, on Thursday, for what sounds like a similar injury. It got progressively worse as fragments were dislodging and floating around; to the point where I could hardly bear weight on it without excruciating pain. I just missed a trip with my team to Windscape because of this . Oh that's terrible being so close, they must have popped that surgery on you suddenly.
  23. On Father's Day I was flying at a local club gathering mostly single lines, I flew my 1.5sul. My neck and knee was already messed up and surgery was already set up for the next morning on my neck which was a 2 Level ACDF now I'm in a hard collar playing the waiting game of getting healed enough so I can have my knee repaired which is a complex tear of the medial meniscus horizontal oblique tear and a focal radial tear flipping part of the mensicus over, I'm ready to fly right now, but the rest of me isn't. I'm just wondering besides Ben and a few others who else in the forum is or have been Broken but not beat'n
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