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  1. Last I knew 1.5b kite only comes with 2 frames, 1.5b pro comes with 1 frame of your choice. but yes a wind of change has that $1 race frame sale on what I think is one of the 2 frames, so yes, the race and the 4wrap on the 1.5b vent.
  2. Seems like to me, this one part of your post tells me you need 2 rtf kites. Sure beats "my turn" "my turn"
  3. I'd suggest a cheap plastic toboggan if carts don't work good on sand, we use them for taking equipment out on the frozen lake for ice fishing, but I imagine trying to find a toboggan in your area would be like trying to find a snowmobile or a snow blower in the desert.
  4. I haven't seen the mention of a cart or something to carry all that stuff to your spot on the beach, I know the o-rings are small, but, it's the other stuff that keeps adding up. Something I like doing is freezing some of that lots of water, it keeps the food and drinks cold and you can drink it as it thaws.
  5. I'm witchew on those twists!
  6. Lighten the frame is about all you can do to it, but it's a Neos Omega I take, leave it as is and hope for higher wind!
  7. Good Ol' Kite Loft Cam, the Revs have been out for over an hour already.
  8. Well, In my quest for the next "9 Artist Custom Rev", No, I wasn't kiddin'.
  9. Ben doesn't have to bid, he's getting 8 free kites out of this deal so far, unless other artists jump in with their 2 kites, actually, Ben would have to bid and win 1 kite to have the complete collection, that kite being the duplicate of the kite that is choosen by the top artist that goes to AKA, but that would be kinda like inside trading.Are you sure these artists are going to make 2 each? I sure would have been more eager to jump in on the bidding if it was One-Off kites being made for this challenge.
  10. I'd cancel the order, sounds like he don't need your business, find someone that does appreciate your business.
  11. It's the sand doing it to the rods, twisting is not a good thing to do it grooves the rods worse, there's a topic on this subject from o-rings to tape at the joints.
  12. My bet is with Ben getting 8 of the 9 kites so far unless Randy Tom and others get in on it, Ben will have the coolest one/s.
  13. 2 kites each, now I get it, 1 kite each would have worked out not in my favor with my luck.
  14. Sorry Ben let me try to get some of this idea straight, The artists are going to sell their kites by auction. The artist who's kite sells for the most money gets all the other artists proceeds from the sales. And when all the kites get sold to different people,, Then the top artist is going to take a kite from away from someone that just won the kite and donate it to AKA,, OUCH!!! I feel sorry for the person that just bought a Masterpiece kite just to have it taken away from him/her by the winning artist.
  15. Maybe if you're using the blast to travel on a frozen lake at 55mph you'll want stronger leaders and line sets. You sure don't want to use 90# lines on it.
  16. Stop! Take a few steps back. Best thing to do is take a ride to where people are flying these kites. You know what the 1.5's feel like. Check out a B2, take one for a test ride. I brought out a B2 and a 1.5sul today. First time since 2011. WOW! It was fun tossing that B2 around, in what wind? I think you might take the B2 as first on your list over what you've flown in the past, after 1 test drive. Still boils down to 1 is never enough
  17. question 3, how does one measure, 100' tape measure should get you to 85',, if you don't have a tape measure walk it off, a pace is 3' 29 paces will get you close enough to 85' question 4, wrinkles, if they are wrinkles hose the kite off and let it dry, if it's creases, those are probably there forever. if the kite goes back in the sleeve every time treat it like wrapping your most special christmas gift to someone. looks like all the other questions was answered.
  18. I wouldn't worry about the mylar too much, I've seen rev's come in all kinds of diameter sleeves, the newer red colored sleeves could almost hold 2 1.5's. Just fold over the leading edge loosely after you tri-fold the kite and just keep flipping rather than rolling so the kite is more of an oval going into the sleeve and not round shape going into the sleeve. Seems to work great for me especially with the wider sleeves.
  19. The blast or power blast should be in the air at around 2mph, 0mph on short lines, 0-10mph recreational 10-20mph power.
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!! that doesn't include coming to the office and knocking important things off my desk Now the truth is coming out about the February specials and that bump on your head
  21. flt101

    New Ferrules

    Yes, I got it out about 1 1/2" of grayish/blueish/greenish glue, still sticky,, you did well glasshopa
  22. flt101

    New Ferrules

    I noticed on my ferrules one is hollow all the way through after poking through with a smaller rod, the other ferrule is hollow down to 2 1/2" then solid, maybe it's glue, now i have to drill it out or it will bug me the rest of my life
  23. This is the greatest news I've heard in months! I just bought 100 dvd blanks for $20. I'll put 3 minutes of video on each one and send them to you all at once, Instead of the 100 X $25 Rev Bucks just send me the $2500.00 worth of kites.
  24. Happy Birthday Lolly, been meaning to call, I got the kites safe and sound, Get this, the first person I showed my new kite to was your cousin John at a beach near Buffalo about 4 weeks ago. Mike
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