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  1. I finally got the Zen out today, I had to adjust my top lines all the way to the handle knot I used 13" handles, I flew for about 2 1/2 hours, I had a lot of oversteer. But yes once you have that pattern going it doesn't want to come down, I probably walked a mile back and forth in a 20' space.
  2. Ah, those look like poke throughs caused by an object, stress is usually higher on the sail. I can't picture your holes getting worse, and tape might make it look worse than the holes, maybe a small dab of glue or like that. But you won't see the holes at the end of your lines anyways.
  3. I do see in your picture 4 sailboats out on the water, so you must have had a bit of wind. But I know the story oh so well. I flew my Zen once on 65' lines, it felt super heavy, I put it away then had neck surgery and was useless for the rest of 2011, now it's 2012 and I have some 120's and I have some light wind. I'll get back yo you on this. Thanks Jynx for bring up the subject.
  4. John I took a few bigger pictures 1.5m but I'll be darn if I could remember how to contact you other than here.
  5. Geeez, Ben, You're reflecting on the same things that each and every one of us is going through a few times each and every day of our lives. We're are human.
  6. Well Ben, Maybe it's time to let us know how the bidding, counter bidding, sniper bidding, shill bidding and all that is going to work. "I got a little change in my pocket going jingle lingle ling".
  7. I just popped 2 rods through my leading edge of a Black Rainbow SUL, and! and I knew to begin with, the rods weren't planted together, there was at least a 1/16" gap between the rods, I didn't stop and check it out. Now I have a nice beater kite. BTW, it has the same wear through the sail if not more than your kite Larry.
  8. The way I see it, although 95% of the time/people suggest run right out and buy a 1.5b as your first Rev, I feel the EXP is the right choice of material to start with, to learn with, to abuse unknowingly. Things like too much wind for the sail or the sudden change of direction like dive stops, it's like bungee jumping with a loggers chain instead of a bungee to the human body, something is going to give, in this case it's the material, it happens to Icarex. The more slackline flying you do the less holes you'll see, the more buzzing of the sail you hear the more holes you'll see.
  9. The race rod frame will fit nicely on the 1.5sle rev on those super calm days.
  10. It's about time you piped in! End of June is a long time to get some teaching in, but collectively our typing skills has nothing to do with flying skills, sounds like a South African Quad Team is possible, in the mean time, 30 days worth of mean time, I want to hear that Flippa is tossing that kite up in the sky with a little bass and rhythm and lead and vocals through each of his fingers, I'd do it but South Africa isn't part of my neighborhood.
  11. It's a babysitting job! Nobody said it was gonna be easy!
  12. Also if you haven't, try tucking your index fingers right up against the top leaders, let the handles balance on those fingers as you try to launch take about 3 steps back as your pulling your handles back.
  13. This sounds like a mystery kite to me, one that doesn't want to fly. Is there a bridle on it, is there enough wind to launch it, are the rods filled with lead, are the lines really equalized, launches real easy inverted is all we really know. Is it a stock vented 1.5. Sounds like not enough forward. People here want to hear you say " I got it, it's launching and flying great now"
  14. I never thought of repairing line, just the though of getting 2 different size line sets was ok for me, but wow working with spectra under a microscope making it as strong as it was, by making each fiber a matching length to the line on the opposite break, under a microscope putting together 100+ strands might take awhile, if it's raining out you can do it in a day, I'd probably just dip it in bleach and use it for dental floss for the rest of my life.
  15. If and when I take my kites down other than the 3 bungees, 4th one doesn't mean a thing at that point, I don't put the kite back in the sleeve, but when I do put them in the sleeves I never roll my Revs, I do a lazy flip at the ends after the mesh at the leading edge so the mesh is only folded at where the rods are taken apart a few times a year. Another thing would be if mesh is getting messing up by rolling tightly or at all, seems like there would be a lot of messed up vented Revs as the mesh is the same. I have 1 Rev with the mesh messed up, It's a kite I bought used and not as described. Other than that my main Revs are vented with all that mesh across and up and down. Sounds like abuse to me.
  16. Sounds like you have it figured out pretty good. Next thing you know is your bottom lines will be shorter than the top lines or your left top will be longer than the right top, depends on the side you favor, so the equalizing doesn't last too long, you just learn to compensate along the way without realizing you're compensating. Once you make your first line a stake in the ground should work for making the other 3 lines, unless it's raining out, I like the colors in the night rev.
  17. I would flip the leader around the top of the right handle to see if you can get it to track straight.
  18. Steve hang in there, sounds like a plate full but your in good hands and well appreciated.
  19. I'd cut the roll of line in 4 equal lengths if you have the room.
  20. Wow, The Rev history is super nice! I'll have to take some time and read it over instead of brousing through it. I probably should read it soon before Kent sends in 2 or 3 lines each of his kites. That way I can read half now and half later. sounds like a big book report to me, what? 5 or 6 pages?
  21. I've been flying most of the day, my wind was peeked out at 18mph, for the most part it was in the 11mph +/- 5mph range and I flew the 1.5 vent with 4wrap leading edge and green race bottoms. It flew like I like it, nice n easy---slowly, and a nice workout.
  22. No big deal at the moment, you can take measurements now on the fabric and to the points from the fabric, but that's about all you can do for now, it start a baseline for stretch. Everybody over reacts to something, mights well be your rev.
  23. Tim, I 2nd that motion on contacting Con Engles on Rev's and stacking them. Some of the best info on Rev stacks is right in your neighborhood.
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