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  1. How to get them out of the leading edge? Hahaha! there's even a training vid on that subject! By slightly bending the rod at the same time you are pulling them out they tend to stay together, put 2 rods together outside of the kite then take them apart by pulling them straight apart, it's easy, now put them together and try pulling them apart by grabbing the far ends of each rod and bending the rods slightly, not so easy to come apart, right?
  2. I would say the LE material is basically the same, it may differ with the year the kite was made, just like the colors change with the material they are buying at the time. I can't see too much stretching of mylar with those bungee cords. My rods stick out about a 1/2 to an inch on each side being that the LE is cut at an angle. I haven't flown this supersonic, maybe mine will bunch up too.
  3. A posting awhile back mentioned about fitting the 1.5 rods in a suitcase diagonally, once you are where you are going put the rods in the sail and put the kites in the sleeves, when you go home just reverse that process.
  4. This might be normal for the speed series. It depends on what you mean by bunched up, these leading edges do roll over and do look different then the rev 1's 1.5's and 2's.
  5. If you want a 1.5b to start with and you're on a budget, I'd get a lesser of a first rev 1.5 to beat on, an exp with handles, instructions, video, line set, and a 120' line set to boot, will be a lot cheaper, if you was budget minded. Once you learn to drive, then buy your Corvette.
  6. I have sets with Pink and Lime unopened. A set I'm using now has Lime and Fluorescent Orange sleeves with black and/or white sleeved 3rd and 4th lines. Doesn't matter other than having the 2 colors in my left and right hands, when I equalize the lines again, my colors will be on top because they are on the bottom now. When it comes time to making a new 100' line set, I'll grab my spool and these nice condition 2 year old sleeves. I wonder if I'll ever get to use my Pink and Lime sets? They really are nice!
  7. Check some of the dual line sets out there for colored sleeves, I know I'm not the only one with fluorescent colored sleeves.
  8. hmm, or, If you don't remember the 70's.......
  9. ok, it's a 109, I was just looking at the paint job. maybe it like 2 mints in 1.
  10. Could the P-51D in the lower right be N5441V/511582 "SPAM CAN" ?
  11. I think talking to all the guys that buggy on your beach would have the best answers. When in Rome...
  12. There are some pics from Windstar Kites in PA, if you go to Rev's main site / find a store / go down to PA - Windstar Kites on pg 13. It's where I saw it. Did they have youtube back then? I didn't have a pc back then.
  13. It was 2001 with Lee Sedgwick's stack of 28 Rev 1's.
  14. Just 1 more out of or for the history book. It's yellow with blue tips patent pending with 4 piece end caps and swivel clips.
  15. Find someone with airbrush equipment, paint works much better than ink.
  16. Of the classic colors not yet listed I have a raspberry with black tips. Also a rainbow blue lime (aquaORteal it leans towards green unsure of exact color) with pink center black logo.
  17. I just brought out my Rev II's with curved logos 3 are REVOLUTION™ 3 are REVOLUTION® my basic color is pink with turquoise logo. Do you know the dateline of the trademark ones over the registered ones?
  18. It was played before 105,899, the largest crowd ever to witness "The Game" in Columbus. undefeated Buckeyes 26 Woverines 21
  19. Well with almost 25,600 views on this topic since April, I would think Ben should let the forum members, know, at the very least. 1. Which artist brought in the most money. 2. Which kite is that artist choosing out of the 10 extra kites made to be donated to AKA. 3. As Ben mentioned in post #8, P.S. show us a picture of your newly aquired Masterpieces in Stack form.
  20. I was getting confused with this weight stuff, but the ferrels in the spl race rods I have are the same as the ferrels in the 2wrap rods that I have in out. And they are different than the ferrels in the black or green race rods I have out.
  21. I guess I make ferrels out of some rods I have and put the center race rods away. These are the Race SPL's, and they are too damn pretty to be hidden under a leading edge. I've use race rods mostly as verticals anyways.
  22. A week or so ago I broke a ferrel on a 2wrap frame, removing them from the inside out was fairly easy with my ol' trusty k40 cb antenna, I want to replace the ferrels with the ones that came on my race frame, my question is, being that they already have old glue on them is there any reason to glue them in if there is a nice tight fit? Or should I use a small dab of contact cement? I may want to pop them out easy if I need to in the future. If I don't break one these ferrels too, that is.
  23. For 2 1/2 hours of moving around with the kite I ended up in the ER for 5 hours with my back, neck, shoulder and chest muscle and joint, while I was there I didn't complain once about my torn meniscous. A year ago today I was under the knife getting c5-6 discs removed and fused. I'll get the Zen back out in a few weeks but not on 100' lines, maybe 30'. I don't know about others but when I fly I'm using a lot of muscles in my arms shoulders chest and neck, like rowing a boat. At 61 I love to run around all day, but some wind is much easier on me.
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