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  1. I'm so indecisive, this could take weeks, months, even years.
  2. you know the ol' saying "it's all fun n games 'til someone gets knocked up down or out
  3. Now wait a minute, Who! supplies the prize? How did it get from changing from caps to lower case to grand prizes giveaways in one request
  4. shhhh, everything is fine, I've had 3 welcomes to the "DARK SIDE" at this pace the Black Hole can't be too far away.
  5. Thanks LS and everyone else welcoming me to the forum, Lee sounds like a cool guy, friendly and happy, he sure enjoys being at the beach flying I can see. I figured I'll learn at my own pace no matter what, starting with wrapping and unwrapping lines a different way each time I fly. Mike
  6. Wow, This isn't sitting well with me not having one. How do i get one of these kites? Mike
  7. Yes if someone can do that, unless I knew the x in the amount of messages I have to create before I can change it on my own isn't too far in the future. If it's only x=10 messages created to change it, I can do that in 5 minutes. Seems like there's always an x-factor in the way! My normal is x=brickwall,,,
  8. Hi Lolly Once I saw the beauties are on the way I ran out to the barn, got the ladder and chimney brush to play the part of a Chimney Sweep, all clear, bring them on!!! Merry Christmas!!! Mike
  9. I see now, the avatar I want to use will automatically downsize to fit, but the picture I want to use in my profile needs to be a smaller picture to begin with because it won't downsize to fit. So all is ok now that I understand how it works.
  10. Oh great, Then you can change it for me to Hyzakite. What about Change Picture just above Change Avatar, the Change Avatar works ok for me, but the Change Picture doesn't work for me.
  11. When I recently joined the Rev forum I hastly added info by filling in blanks, my user name HYZAKITE was too big and I've tried for 2 days to changes it to Hyzakite with no luck in finding the right place to change it. Is it possible for me to change it? Also in Profile/Change Profile Information i did try Change Avatar and it worked, however above Change Avatar is Change Photo I tried Change Photo but it doesn't work for me though it uses the same steps as Change Avatar, is it me or the system that this feature isn't working? One more question, When I view my profile I can see my first and last name, is this something that I only see as view others profiles I do not see first and last names?
  12. Yes it was Lee, real pleasent guy to talk with, and I hope to meet up with him again in the summer, They have something going on in Feb on the ice with power blasts, I'll pass on that one, I wish I could step away for awhile into warmth during the winter as it sounds like fun in Florida and probably 70 degrees warmer. The Rev's that I have already prove that it's an addiction for me, I have to stop!!! 16 Rev's now, from the exp to Randy Tom.
  13. ahahaha, dark side,, rouges,, you guys are making me to choice my avatar wisely!!! mike
  14. My name is Mike, This is my first day in the Rev forum, so there is a lot of sorting out for me and questions i'm trying to answer about forums, I don't even know what an Avatar is but it looks like i can have one if i wish. I live in upstate New York on Lake Erie just about half way between Buffalo NY and Erie PA, I worked for and retired from the state after 31 years working with developmentally disabled people. 10 years ago i bought a 56 acre piece of property for flying my buckeye dream machine powered parachute in and out of, with wind and overtime i was working it was impossible to have the time or perfect days to fly it, as you little wind as possible to lay a 500 sq foot parachute on the ground without the machine taking off before you can start it and get in. When I retired so I thought, I was going to buy a toy hauler and see the country, that hasn't happened because of too much to do without leaving my yard, and I thought retirement was something like sitting on South Beach drinking frozen drinks and watching babes in bikinis, not working in the vineyard or 2 days mowing lawn on a tractor or going in the woods with a handful of chainsaws, oh well. Not far from me on Lake Erie is a park in PA called Presque Isle, I heard it was a nice scenic ride and checked it out a few years back. Saw a bunch of kites flying and stopped, it was interesting but no big deal to me at the time, I'm a big bad biker after all. One day 2 years ago after mowing my 20 acre lawn a friend stopped over and we walked down to my grapes, he mentioned that i should get people to pay me to come here and fly kites, we always have some crazy ideas going on, but it got laughed off as usual. He came over again with a broken box kite, never got it to fly. But something got me interested that i wanted to try to fly a kite. I went out and bought me a 2 line kite Prism Quantum, crashing like crazy but trying again and again, darn it the wind wasn't strong enough to fly it when i wanted to, so New Tech Desire UL. I went back to Presque Isle with my 2 lines and was playing on the beach and saw this strange shaped kite just sitting in one spot spinning and going up and down, said Revolution on it, wow, I gotta get one of those. This year I went to Presque Isle again and a guy was flying this disc type kite and i was flying my desire. I saw a Rev on the sand and talked to the guy about lines on the Rev, he said bring it out and he'll set it up for me, but I didn't have the lines with me. I went back to flying and he put his disk thing away, next thing I see him opening up a big canvas bag and pulling out a rev and another and another and on and on, I didn't count them but it seems like about 15 of them stacked, well I put my kite away and just watched. Looked like a giant bread slicer coming down on me and stopped inches away. I sat back and enjoyed the show. Later we talked again and i got hooked even more. I'll go back again next year with some of my rev's. But I still don't know what an avatar is, and it probably isn't important enough for me to worry about. I would like to learn how to put some of my kites in the profile. I love them all!!
  15. flt101

    2011 wishlist

    John thanks for finishing my registeration this morning, i only suggested the b2 for a match to my zen and b pro colors, which probably wouldn't make a good progressive stack anyways, but 3 of a kind would still look cool.
  16. flt101

    2011 wishlist

    New to this site i didn't know where to say hi to everyone, But new for 2011, I would like to see the B2 added to the colorizer, twins are nice, but triplets would make for a cool progressive stack. Hi all.
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