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  1. Good job Jynx. That's so much fun to watch. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hello Polo, A public thank you from me for the time and the effort you have taken to help everyone, both on the public forum and PMs. I think most of us know how much time is involved in taking, editing and putting up a simple video and your 2 camera split screen videos which answer each question are not simple ones. I am almost as impressed with your camera skills as your flying. With a few uninterrupted days I might be able to put together a video like the ones your have done. Sadly it will take much longer to fly that well.
  3. I got a set of the custom handles from Rev and they had the "newbee"' leaders on them too. I was very surprised to see that. I will end up taking off the clips anyway so no big deal. I just never even considered the fact that they would come that way. That leader seems like overkill to me so I was thinking I could take the top or bottom leaders and made them single line, which would double the length. I could then put my adjustments on the new longer leader.
  4. What am I missing here. Did the sail material change in the last year?
  5. Happy Birthday Cheryl. Fly the day away.
  6. The reason I got my Rev 1 is easy: He make the kite look like it is flying so effortlessly, slow and smooth. I even asked John exactly what he was flying. He told me a Rev I Sedgwick Series with a 2 wrap. No problem that is what I got so I could fly just like that. When I came, imagine my surprise when I found it wasn't trained yet. Knowing what this kite can do keeps me coming back when ever I get that nice light breeze off the water. Of course it doesn't look just looks the video , mine is different colors.
  7. Rev makes a SUL bridle for the Rev 1. I also felt the one it came with was a bit thick and heavy for the kite so I got the SUL bridle and like it. I'm sure it would be easy to make your own but I got the Rev made one to be safe and it was easy to replace.
  8. Now I see how you got in all those pictures you took. I have been trying to figure out how to do that. Thanks to both of you .
  9. TI was easy with everything kind of centered around the Thunderbird. Which motels are the closest to the beach where everything goes on in Wildwood ? I figure if I want to know there must be others who would like to figure out the best way do enjoy that weekend too.
  10. Man that's hot. Practice, practice, practice..... I must go practice~!
  11. Thank you to everyone who took and posted pictures. I love reliving the weekend. I have actually printed some of them for framing. My only regret for the whole weekend is not making the mega fly. I was involved until the last second with the kite making class and even with the help setting up, I was too late to make it. The good part is when I saw my granddaughter's eyes light up seeing the monster kite "I made" in the class. Thanks Sherry and Steve for making it happen and thank you to everyone who came down and made it so special. As Ben says. What a great family.
  12. I have noticed that Rev sells most of their kites with SLEs or "fatties" as I like to call them. I haven't seen a Rev with "fatties" used for verticals yet.
  13. I woke up today to a strange sound. After a quick look around the house I realized the heater had kicked on! Oh crap, I hate cold. No matter, I am off to TI in a few minutes to fly for 3 days. Laughing and flying with friends will warm the insides once I get there.
  14. I'm in for some smoked fish ! My car holds 6. Alden I hope you bring your hand crafted wood handles and winders. I sure would like to see them.
  15. I love that kite! The way it just pops out of the picture with the snow background truly shows it off. Great shot!
  16. I am so jealous that so many are getting there early. I'll be getting there Friday early afternoon. You all will have played half of Thursday and be deep into John's class by then. I hope you aren't all rev'ed out by the time I get there. I want to play too ! With the forecast holding out it looks like we will be able to do a ton of flying all weekend.
  17. It looks like you all had fun as always. Did you get to try any of the one kite 2 pilots or 2 kites 3 pilots stuff?
  18. I live on the other coast of Fla. from TI but it's the same latitude, about 3 hours due east, so the temps are about the same most of the time. Today was a bit cool for me(60s) but yesterday I flew on the beach in shorts. Lets all hope it holds out for another few weeks. Bring your bathing suit and sun screen. You may need them. I wonder if the hotel pool is heated? Last year a bunch of folks were flying at night too.
  19. OK I tried to picture it. Are you nuts??????? I'd try it..
  20. I'll be there! MMmmm can I have lower right.
  21. Four pilots with one line each??
  22. I think the reason so many people mess around with the handles is because they can. You can do quite a lot of modifying and not effect the flight of the Rev. You can change the angle of the dangle and the length but I have noticed that the better looking and well made ones are very close the Rev originals. Some of the handles out there are works of art.
  23. You guys are the best. You made me feel quite welcome at TI last year right from the start. Later, Mike came over where a few of us were flying joined right in and had us flying team stuff right off. A little warning. When Mike comes by and slaps you on the back and says "Nice Flying", He is really just putting an iQuad sticker on your back. (it finally wore off)
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