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  1. It's hard to forget a girl with a pretty kite Did I say that right? Happy B-day.
  2. I can help either way. Let me know when you have a free day and tell me where to fly. Steve and Sherri do have a much better beach to fly on and have shown a ton of people how to fly, but for me that drive is a killer for one day. I still want to do a TI weekend before winter.
  3. It's been many years since I've been up to Daytona Beach and I've be wanting an excuse to go. I assume they still drive cars on the beach there . I would enjoy going up for a day of Rev'in. You are of course are welcome to head down this way to Cocoa Beach if you want a change of pace. Do you have a new Rev 1 or one of the older styles? I have both so I think I can help quite a bit either way.
  4. welcome, Watch this video of Joe Hadzecki teaching a young woman. It may help you a bit now and it should help later when you try to get the wife involved.
  5. On another thread JB said something was wrong with the data base. My first thought was is Mr. Rev broken? Well, of course not. Happy Birthday John.
  6. Are you kidding? You have to admit that a man that can even enjoy a rust spot has a great life. Love it Alden!
  7. I've given the kitelife forum a bit of time today and I must say it is not nearly as bad as I remember. Perhaps its some of the recent changes? To be honest I like it. Good job John. The View New Content link works great as well. I will have to get back into the habit of checking it our daily. Thanks.
  8. This isn't the first animated avatar thread I've seen. The normal responses seem to be programs that cost about the same as a JB or pro kite. If I may put in the pot the program I use, its a free, open source program called GIMP. You can read about it and download it free at gimp.org. It's not free ware, a demo, or ad supported. I'm told it will do most of the same things as Photoshop. It also works on several operating systems. My animated gifs could be much better if I put more time into them but they are all from pictures of my own kites so I like them. At least now you have more choices.
  9. OOps. I take back my NICE. It still only shows new topics not new posts.
  10. As long as your talking to Invision ask them about an RSS feed for the last 5-10 post. Why not ask for the gold? May get a few silver coins anyway.
  11. Now I feel guilty. I did PM or email you with questions when kitelife changed and of course you responded right away with the answers. Point for John. My fault that I didn't respond back with a "not good enough." I will take this opertunity to put put what I like best on the Rev forum. Perhaps others will do the same. I stay signed on at home so when I click on my shortcut it goes directly to the page which shows any post made that I haven't read. (as if I have clicked "view new post") When I am not at home I goto the rev.com/main page and look at the "latest forum post" I feel like even if I miss a day or two I can alway stay current on what my Rev brothers and sisters are up to. I guess it's kind of like a soap opera, you get vested in the different storylines and don't want to miss anything.
  12. I have pretty much quit going to kitelife sense the changes. Too much trouble to find new post on different computers. I hope the main Rev page still has the latest post. I'll still miss some but at least I will keep coming back.
  13. Lolly types faster than me.
  14. No problem!. I called Lolly with my last kite. I asked if a Mid vent, RWB, normal pattern, a SUL bridle, SUL leading edge sleeve filled out with a race frame would be possible. In typical Lolly/Ben fashion the answer was no problem. It did take a week or two longer due to the kites they had in production at the time but I sure am happy with that kite.
  15. A wind meter was a must have for me too. It is now the most unused thing in my bag. I never, ever use it. Think twice there is plenty to spend your money on now that you are into the rev flying thing.
  16. You might consider making one of the shorter sets of line 50lb. Have them made with either very lite sleeves or no sleeves. Pros: They have much less resistance and give you a much better feeling of the kite in less wind. You normally will not use short lines in heavy wind anyway. Cons: They do tangle easier, however being shorter it's manageable. I mention this because my absolute favorite set of lines is about 50' and 50 lbs. I use them every chance I get with 1.5s, Blast(w/race rods, and Rev1 w/2 wrap).
  17. You have the 85s Yes, A set of 120s is a must. If you EVER get a chance to team fly team and miss out it would be the pits! The Rev hits its max fun team flying. Yes, A set of 30s {or close} is a must. They are way to much fun not to have and you will learn a ton about your kite flying them. IMHO, That is the minimum for any serious Rev flyer to take advantage of what you have already invested. You can add more set, depending on what you grow to enjoy the most. I like to fly in the early evening with not much wind so I also use a set of 50lb 50' on the beach at sunset when ever I can.
  18. Perhaps you could tether the little guy with a bungee. Ok, enough of that. Great job handling that monster blast, no fear!
  19. Hi Jynx, As we all know Steve can do anything with a Rev and make it look easy. Now for a response from a weekend flyer. Last time I got some bulk line the intent was to make a set of 120s and a set of 80s so I got 800 feet of line. My mind wondered in the same direction yours has so I started out making a set of 200s figuring I would cut it down later. It was very different and a ton of fun to fly. The first thing I found was the wind was very different at ground level and the top of the window. I was using 2 wrap to start but changed out to 3 wrap because when I got up anywhere near the top the wind was so much greater it looked like it was going to snap the rods. It surprised me that the response time between hand inputs and the kite reaction didn't suffer much at all. The flying window was huge! It seemed like forever just to fly form one side to the other. As you can see in Steve's video a dive stop takes on a new meaning as well. The only down side to the whole thing was that because the kite is so far away I kind of lost that personal one with the kite feeling. It was almost like watching someone else fly. The end result is I'm glad I took the time to do it and had a fun day playing with it but I didn't have any problem cutting them down to the "normal" length when I got home. The next time I buy bulk line if the length works I will surly do it again.
  20. It's a little late to make the trip this weekend , but lets look ahead.
  21. Hi Choccy, It's not nece$$arily a bad thing that I have to work during most launches. The next opportunity I have I will try some more shots. I would love to do a night launch. I'll leave the ISS shot to a more experienced photographer. To focus on a moving dot 200 miles out and the rev rock solid hover would be a bit of a challenge. The opportunity is there for anyone anywhere. (no Alden not you.) In the future perhaps a shot of the moon in the background while the astronauts are walking around on it will be a memorable picture.
  22. Would someone please take Alden's Photoshop away from him before he hurts himself.
  23. Excellent shot. How many pictures did you miss them? The Thunderbirds used to come here almost every year but it has been quite awhile sense their last visit. This is my favorite topic by far. It's like visiting all over the world with friends.
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