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  1. Thunderbird Motel is in the GPS and the car is gassed. Kites are in the trunk, lets do it again.
  2. It won't be the same without you but we will try very hard to have a good time anyway. You know we are going to talk about you. See you in January for sure.
  3. Ok, so I'm a little late reading this. What is this about a "West Coast Alden"? Have we scoped him out on the family tree? I'm sure looking forward to seeing everyone at the big T.I., even the not Aldens. It has been too long sense I have been over there to play. It is the perfect flying beach. I just checked out the weather channel app and of course it is looking great for the weekend. Low 80s for hi and hi 60s at night for lows and low to no rain chance.
  4. Now were're talking. So much to do, so little time.
  5. Just to let you know you can get a custom Sedgwick. My avatar is a custom R/W/B Sedgwick. Rev1. As in all things Rev, talk to Ben.
  6. Although I have 2 kites that are not R/W/B, I like my R/W/Bs,, I have 4 more 1.5 a 1 and a 2 R/W/B as well.
  7. I have the same room as last year and your welcome to use it again.
  8. I just got in Birmingham Al to Orlando Fl. with cargo pants on about two hours ago, No pat-down or any other special looks. Perhaps they have finally figured out that little old men are not a threat.
  9. I'm in! I kept forgetting to call over there and last night the Thunderbird called me and asked if I wanted my usual room. Those are good people. I'm looking forward to it as always. I'm going to need to hit the beach and practice up between now and then.
  10. I have both old and new rev 1s. I replaced both bridles with the new SUL bridles (ordered from Rev). I did not like that thick line at all. I don't know if it makes a difference but I can tell you I feel better about flying them and that's what is important.
  11. Sorry I didn’t' respond sooner. This is the first time I got a chance to sign on it a bit. Thank you all very much.
  12. mrdenny

    New Video

    Very nice video, a pleasure to watch and think about being there. Around the middle of it i kept hearing Rich yelling "get him, get him".
  13. Brian, You are correct this kite is trash. You should get rid of it now before it infects the rest of your kite bag. For your convenience I will dispose of the kite for you. Please send it to me (I will pay the cost of shipping) and I will get red of this horrid kite for you. Denny . ; ; Ok, the fact is I flew my first SLE for years as is out of the bag and loved every minute of it. At first I beat the heck out of it too. Then I got on this blasted forum and found out about the wonders of the new leading edges. After trying one I have to agree they make it a new and better flying experience. I have several Revs in the bag now (full, half vent, vent, bla, bla, bla….) and for financial reasons I always order an SLE kite with race rods or 3 wrap. You did well! Learn to fly it and slowly upgrade to you skills. See ya on a kite field somewhere, sometime.
  14. That was an excellent job Connor. You made me proud to be a kite flier. Now I can tell my friends “ yea, I fly one of those just like that” except in the wind and not that well.
  15. Very nice. I quit flying race rods except when flying with a group for the very reason you mention. The water is like a magnet to me. Race rods fly so nice but don't play well in the ocean. Next kite I will have them upgrade to the aqua race rods.
  16. Too funny. I made it my desktop background. Everytime I come in the room now I crack up!!
  17. Happy Birthday buddy. Many more!
  18. Happy birthday Rich. Have a great weekend.
  19. MIAMI! I grew up down there, or should I say I spent my first 30 years there. I'm glad to see another Florida Rev'er. I used to get down all the time but Mom has moved here. Next time I get down I will PM you. I'll bet flying at South Beach would be fun!
  20. Those are all fantastic. The possibilities are limitless Does anyone in the States have one? What was the aprox. cost after dollar conversions and shipping etc.
  21. If all the links worked like advertized it would be great. The fact is, they do not. Not when we change browsers or minipulate the cashe or anything else. It should just work. I used to keep up with every thread. Now not so much. This applys to both here and Kitelife.
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