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  1. --Pete - I see the sense in swapping top / bottom as opposed to left / right if you were to swap them over. Is line stretch a real issue these days? I'm guessing not by the comments posted here ... On the subject of swapping bottom lines over & seeing how you get on did you ever try, as a kid, riding your bike with your hands on the opposite grips? I did. Kerb stones in this area are cut granite. I know that from having my face planted on one. I'm going to do as you do Wayne & colour code each corner - it'll take some of the confusion out of setting up. Plod / Baloo - where do I find out about the better flying days please?
  2. --Pete - I'd love to colour code all my lines to make sure that I get the same one at the same corner each time - I just had a recollection of someone on one of the tutorials saying that it was a good idea to swap the left & right lines occasionally. I didn't mean the uppers & lowers, just left & right. I must have misunderstood it I guess. I wouldn't have believed it would make much difference unless you only fly on one side of the wind envelope or use really cheap lines? Hi Plod38 - a guy on here - pudsli, has experience of the Ainsdale beach & like everyone on here is very helpful as I'm guessing you've already found. I may have a nice beach to fly on but you seem to have the funds - 3 revs already?! What is a "Better flying day" by the way?
  3. --Pete - you're a good man to have around in a pub quiz. I had no idea the song had such a long history - I'll check out the earlier recordings if I can find some. I'm going to colour up the handles Wayne but I seem to recall reading or hearing somewhere that it was a good idea to swap the lines around so that they stretch evenly? Have I misunderstood?
  4. It is - well spotted - it contains the line I mentioned earlier about bad luck ...
  5. We just lost BST (Daylight savings) as well - really knackers the end of the day flying after work. When you drive to work in the dark & home again in the dark it makes your flying time window quite small doesn't it? We don't get that show Wayne - it must have ben "Born under a bad sign" that I'm thinking of. I'm chomping at the bit to get out & give it another go but it's weekends only now ... thanks all for the encouragement.
  6. Hi Wayne - I can't remember the programme but the quote goes "If it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck". When it comes to the weather/ work/ daylight I've had a bad combination for the last 3 weeks. I know some people on here will fly in the dark, when raining or in a gale but my skill level doesn't let me I'm afraid to say ... As you rightly say I have quite a few things to try out - I'll certainly pop up again as soon as I've had chance to try some of them ... Oregon is at a slightly lower latitude than where I live - are you still getting some decent daylength?
  7. Hi Wayne - I agree - I was going to set up LE up as you suggest then turn the kite over. It may be a bit slower but I'll avoid confusion over upper & lower lines that way I figure. I'm watching the skies all this week & I'd be surprised if a kite has flown anywhere in Cumbria so far. More flooding, more strong wind & a daylength that feels like it's measureable in minutes.
  8. Intentionally setting it up inverted is an excellent idea - I hadn't heard of doing that before - it makes excellent sense. I'm going to take those ideas with me - the seperate stakes for each handle, taped handles, the chest height check & the inverted set up. I'm careful not to let anyone else wrap the lines & I do larkshead the uppers & lowers together. Once told these hints all make perfect sense - the whole point of the forum I guess. Thanks again everyone for taking the time to help out.
  9. Good advice - thanks guys. To be fair, Jude only stands at the kite for launch then joins me at the business end & I try not to outstay my welcome. I like the idea of tape on the handles to identify them. When I stake the handles I put them so that they are applying full brake but can't shake that nagging fear as I'm walking from kite to handles that some freak gust will somehow defy the laws of physics ... The real worry for me though is getting the handles off the stake & in hand properly without anything launching - I know it's just practice but the just the act of pulling back on the handles to lift the lines over the head of the stake makes me nervous. It is just practice, nothing more. I'll try & get the hang of self launching before altering the kite REV but your offer is very kind, thank you. If it becomes an issue in future I'll PM you as you suggest.
  10. I'm worse though - I still haven't gained enough confidence (skill if I'm honest) to go flying alone yet. As a result Jude has to tag along all for the 5 minutes prep & holding it down while I run back to the stake (I know, I know - it won't self launch if tilted back properly but I'm not that certain yet) - she has the patience of a saint, poor woman. I'm going to do the dishonorable thing & not tell her about a potential rev widows support group though - she might realise how put upon she is ... a case of hot tongue & cold shoulder would be followed by the smell of lightly roasting martyr.
  11. Hi John - the weather is conspiring against me - when I'm at work it's beautiful outside, when I get home it's either flat calm or snapping branches. I never really thought about the weather prior to getting this kite, now I'm borderline obsessive ... I'm hoping to get some flying done this weekend & it's half term next week so I should get some done then (I'm trying to gather brownie points to get out flying instead of fixing the house up). I'm keen to try your suggestions about inverting it on purpose & running it up & down until I can do it without thinking about it. If you have any other 'exercises' you do to train muscle memory I'd love to hear them. I forgot to reply to you earlier sorry - the lines are within 5mm of each other (about 1/4" in old money) so any failings in flight are my fault, not the line manufacturers but I'd pretty much guessed that from the off if I'm honest. John
  12. Hi Baloo - no the info wasn't too late ... the wind yesterday was way higher than the local forecast said it was. I tried to fly but it was badly distorting the kite, I had tons of brake on & I felt barely in control. Being a devout coward I could only see it ending in tears & a "W" shaped hole in the ground so I valiantly gave in, did my best Sir Robin & ran away. I will experiment though when the wind is better. You're UK aren't you Baloo? Do you get much flying done over the winter or is it just the odd day when the clouds part?
  13. Chris - the beach is here - 54.102534,-3.262744 If you plug the coordinates in Google maps & it should find it for you. It's a good flying beach as the wind is predominantly from the west. If you go 40 miles west of there you hit the Isle of Man, another 30 miles you hit Ireland so the wind isn't hindered much before it gets here. The usual problem on Walney is too much of the stuff, that's why I asked about the 3 wraps ... The North west kite surfing association fly from the next bay up. I have been trying the figure 8 flight & it's kind of almost there - it's quite flattened but I'll keeping plugging away at it. Thanks Revjb again - I'll try the idea of deliberately inverting it & trying to run it up & down - that makes a lot of sense. The only times it has really been inverted up to know have been panic situations. You're right - it makes sense to preempt it. The wind suggestions are usefull as well, thanks rev & stroke victim for those - tomorrow is supposed to be 15mph so I'm off down the beach again, barring emergencies. I like the sound of that tip Baloo, turning a bit to slide. I have a list of things to try tomorrow now.
  14. Flew this evening - I'm discovering that my wind window for learning is not as wide as I'd thought. Yesterday it was howling so I gave it a miss - tonight was a return to light & gusty but I had to try again. My diagonal take offs I'm now sure were a combination of too much right thumb & an off centre wind. I tried having the 2 handles against each other with the wind directly behind me & it went straight up - I'm guessing that means the lines are as near the same length as makes no difference? Once again the opinions of others on here was spot on with the diagnosis - thank you. One habit I'm struggling to break - and only I can make it happen - is that when the kite is in a death dive I keep yanking my thumbs back to make it stop, with obvious consequences. Once this evening I did make it stop before hitting the ground - I nearly jumped out of my skin - it was wonderful to see. Unfortunately I was so excited about stopping it cleanly I forgot what I was doing & accelerated it from hover the remaining 10 feet straight into the ground ... at least it gave my wife a laugh. I spent a while this evening trying exercise 3 in the "handbook" - the hover on the wingtip and horizontal reverse flight. Pulling back on the arm with the upper wing felt alien & I couldn't make it happen - it fell from the sky like a stone. I would make it stop while in forward horizontal flight & it was as if it lost the will to live and decided to give plumetting a go. Is there a "knack" to this that I just need to discover or does anyone have a tip on how to do this cleanly? Is it reasonable to be trying this on a 3rd flight? Presumably a decent breeze would make it easier? I think I've underestimated how much breeze my kite needs to fly cleanly & how much it will take - what is peoples' opinions about the strength of wind the 3 wraps on an SLE will take before it gets iffy to fly? I'm getting an idea but it would good to hear a seasoned veteran's opinion. Attached should be a couple of pics from this evening - it was getting dark again as we left but the sunset was mesmerising. (I've tried several times & I can't seem to get them to upload - they're about 700k each) Thanks to everyone for your ongoing patience - I will get the hang of this eventually & then leave you be. Found the way to host the images: flight 3 -1 Flight 3 -2 flight 3 -3
  15. Tonight is looking good for another foray onto the beach so I'll be looking carefully at where my hands are & what they're up to. I rewatched the tutorial videos again & from what I'm seeing the diagonal take offs looked a lot like the "wind off to one side" take off that was demonstrated. I need to attach some tell tales to the ground spike to avoid that one in future. The appearance of one hand in front of the other must have been a perspective or parallax one as you're absolutely right revjb - it should have skidded left not right shouldn't it? The take off is exactly as you describe - it starts right then straightens - it must be a "thumb thing" then? You're also right about the lines - they're 90lb x 80 feet. I looked at the 120 feet lines but they're an investment I think senior management (Mrs Rigster) would turn down for a month or two ... I'll measure the brake when I get home from work. I did have to brake it fairly constantly at the weekend as the wind was quite stiff. Tonight is going to be all about keeping wrists together & watching where the wind is coming from I think. Good guess on the beach BTW - I'm actually South of Maryport - I fly off a beach on Walney Island but the beaches for miles round here are all similar. If you look in the background on the horizon of the picture there's a second large wind farm being installed. If the wind is good enough for them it's good enough for me. David M - I'll give that a go tonight - keeping the hands together on take off. Your flying will be a bit warmer than mine - a rev in the Australian sun, sounds idyllic. We're heading for our 6 months of winter here now - <sigh>
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