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  1. This is a cool video for sure..... Ben
  2. Well it's getting to be that time, so direct from the factory "Merry Christmas" from all of us here........ AS for me I'm not much on this Christmas thing but I do like presents.... What I do like is all of you out there and the warm fuzzy's you always send my way this time of year , plus I have to admit that this time of year even makes me smile..... So from me to you "Merry Christmas" Family and may we always remember that no matter what we shall always have each other...... Ben
  3. Happy birthday my friend and hope your staying warm...... Ben
  4. Happy birthday my brother..... Ben
  5. You must have been very nice this year...... Ben
  6. Still have some kites gathering dust that need a new home so give us a call to see what all we have sitting around...... Ben
  7. That was so damn cool..... Ben
  8. Happy birthday buddy..... Ben
  9. I know son, be good..... Ben
  10. Happy birthday Ant..... Ben
  11. Now you want to be Jewish, miss you my friend..... Ben
  12. So "Family" I made a mistake on ordering from "Santa Bazzer" and ordered to many custom "Eye's" and "American Flag's" so with that said I figured out it's time to run a "Christmas" sale but you have to call in here and say "Ben's Bumped His Head" to get in on some very special, special kites..... Oh boy am I going to be in trouble on this one, I have in stock some "American Flag's" some standard and vented "Eye's" and some other custom stuff thats just sitting and it's "Christmas" time so lets get it on and do some deals, cause "Ben's Bumped His Head"....... Ben 858-679-5785 [email protected]
  13. I really love this set up...... Ben
  14. Happy birthday son, miss ya..... Ben :blue-cool:
  15. What a year, I've had to battle heath concerns, slow kite sales, some very mean people, and as I venture in to the end of the year I have to say "this years worn me down".......The good thing is everything is in place for a good 2013 and with the celebrations of "25 Years of Flight" for Revolution Kites all over the world I am still holding on to my drive.......This jobs not easy cause I put alot of miles on an old body with some broken parts in it.....The good thing of all of this is all of you, my "Family", no matter where I go there's always one of you to help me in your own way and for that I'm very thankful....... You put up with my insane moods, my crazy ideas, and my thirst for a damn good cup of coffee, so thats where I'm at, I'm "THANKFUL", not so much for anything you can hold in your hand but all of you giving a bit of yourselves each day that I keep in my heart always...... Thanks "Family" and "God Bless" you all and my last bit of advise is remain thankful cause no one gets out of this life alive...... Ben
  16. This just got to me and I'm sure I should have asked all involved if it was okay if I shared this before I did this but as the norm, opps sorry I just had too...... Ben https://www.dropbox.com/sh/exf1ectwim70xbf/26vjEVjxaj/Nov%203%20Stop%20and%20Go https://www.dropbox.com/sh/exf1ectwim70xbf/tbOs-xuCEl/Nov%202%20Dress%20Rehearsal
  17. beach


    Damn good flying if you ask me...... Ben
  18. Well done my friend and very well put together..... Ben
  19. Look what the mail man brought, can you say raw......I love this job...... Ben
  20. I am so very pleased to announce a new artist to the "Revolution Family" and to give you a peek at what this man can do. I have looked at Mr. Ron Bohart's kites from afar for a long time and when he excepted the invitation to come on board I was just beside myself.....I'm here to tell you this guy is the real deal and his work is just off the hook, possible the best I have ever seen in the world......More important to me is the man himself and the way he is always just willing to help and give of himself, so it's with great pride I present Mr. Ron Bohart and give you the chance to own some of the most stunning kites I've ever seen. As for cost that is a call in item only, and we will talk when you call the office, as for how many will Ron do, we are at 10 but I look for a long relationship between Rev and Ron.... Right now I can tell you I have these two and have three more on the way, I will say this once "do not be on the fence cause these will not gather any dust........ Ben Ben doc..pdf
  21. Nice job bro, also was that one of my exwives on that broom....Glad it all went well even with the challenges..... Ben
  22. I forget the name of it but it was cool and very old 1988...... Ben
  23. Very Well Done..... Ben
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