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  1. Happy coming birthday my brother..... Ben
  2. Ron you are a true artist and this Cheetah prove it, well as the last of this series comes up I'm just amazed at what you do...... So here it is "Family" and need I say more..... Ben
  3. I always fly with music, keeps the voices in my head down..... Ben
  4. You do a great job my friend.... Ben
  5. beach

    Late Again

    Happy birthday Carolyn, Im late but my thoughts are with you.........Ben
  6. beach

    New banners

    Nice bro, very nice..... Ben
  7. No they are still being made, they are a custom order for sure as I do not think we have any in stock..... But they are still being made...... Ben
  8. What a day big crowds and just lots of fun by all, winds were kind of light but the weather was great and the people were wonderful and as always I got to do what I love play and just have fun..... Thanks to everyone......Ben
  9. Well had some at home time right now so in the morning tomorrow I'll be going to the "Ocean Beach Kiwanis Kite Festival" to have some fun with old friends and meet new ones....... It's always good when it's close to home and I can just drive over and hang out and fly some kites...... So come on over and enjoy the day..... Ben
  10. Kent "A Wind of Change", if my memories serves me right you got a birthday coming up real soon so let me get this started, Happy Birthday my friend..... Ben
  11. Just a thought for some team building..... Ben
  12. What would it take to have a spot on the net where we all can go to do team flying as a team together........ Then what it take to have someone make up the program for this, I know I may be reaching but just trying to get an idea on what it all would take for us to get together and just fly on the net....... Ben
  13. I love them all cause they all bring something to the table...... Ben
  14. Thank you one and all and lets just fly some kites........ Ben
  15. What a great bit of information and attention to detail, thanks so much for doing the project..... Ben
  16. I really enjoy short lines and tight spaces for some reason...... I seem to come into my own when I have the kite on short lines and there's a crowd around me, but with that said remember to have the skills to recover in any situation cause we never want anyone one to get hurt....... I think short line flying is a skill level that takes the kites in to a whole new playing field and lets the people get there hands almost on it...... Ben
  17. It was a long project and lots of work, hmmmmm now I have to spend more money..... Ben
  18. This is one you just have to see to believe...... Ben http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/994460154/the-onda-cycle
  19. Very nice work my friend...... Ben
  20. I like it my friend..... Ben
  21. I started with an EXP and still use it for teaching others, it has never lost it's magic for me...... Ben
  22. This is what I came back to and as you can see Lolly is not having a good day, so with that said lets do this, "Lollys got an explosive deal for you"......... For the rest of Jan. speak to Lolly and see what kind of a "bomb" of a deal you can work out for the new year and I promise she won't explode...... So if you've been waiting this is the time cause things are real explosive around here and if we don't do something Lolly might go off...... I love this job....... Ben
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