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  1. Well after working thru some things with my good friends and brothers "Los Hermanos" together we worked out the new "The Nation Series" for the 4th of July..... This series include a custom banner, custom kite, and custom handles all matching in honor of one of the things I love, this great country..... Most of you know this is all more than just a job to me it's about Family, friends, and all the things that make this country great.... So Here they are and this is a direct sale item from Revolution, made by Revolution, and printed by my brothers "Los Hermanos", so enjoy and hope to see you all soon..... Ben ps more photos this weekend.....
  2. Paul Dugard I know it's your birthday so blow some bubbles...... Ben
  3. Hello sunshine Happy Birthday TK, miss and love you....... Ben
  4. Welcome to the "Family"........ Ben
  5. Welcome to the "Family"....... Ben
  6. Im sure I'm late but what the heck Happy B-Day JB is was good seeing you......Ben
  7. Calm down Watty it's okay, breath....... Ben
  8. I miss iQuad...... Ben
  9. I just had to add this cause when you see this kind of stuff all the hard work pays off, thanks Doug...... Ben Hi Cath, Elliot, and Ben, Played with my 75% mesh with Ben's new diamond rods yesterday in 2-5 mph breeze. The wind was mostly 2-2.5 per the meter but sometimes died completely, sometimes gusted to 5. Wind was off a the small Lake Crabtree near RDU airport so was fairly smooth once I was above 15 ft high. Could easily launch the kite with 2 mph breeze at 5 ft. 75 ft/90# lines. Was a lot of fun. The mesh kite with those rods was just amazing! I still have a smile on my face. The diamond rods are amazing. Not much flex like the race rods. More like regular 3-wrap rods. And my set weighs 51g vs. 75 for the race rods. The kite is 155g so its 206g total instead of 230 with race rods. That 25 g difference seems to make it easier to both launch and float in the light winds. For me, at least it was easy to fly in my normal style only with a few mph less wind. I have no idea what the wind range is on the diamond rods although I will probably find out soon. Also played with the rods in my all white 1.5 (weighs 125 g) for a total weight of 176 g. It was a piece of cake in those winds. I'm sure you could fly it indoors. So these rods open up, at least for me, a whole new wind window. I was the only one flying, of course, because there was obviously not enough wind for kite flying! Perhaps next would be one of the printed sails as they could be even lighter? Perhaps it's time to pull the SLE's from my 6-sail stack and replace them all with something much lighter. My chief complaint with my stack is that it really needs 8 mph ground wind to launch and then by the time it gets up, it's too much wind. So replacing the SLEs with something lighter is my next experiment. Should allow me to launch in much lower winds. Perhaps diamond rods in the back 3 sails, depending on their strength. So keep having fun, And Ben, I'm probably game for more of the rods....
  10. beach

    Happy Birthday

    Happy, Happy, Happy..... TO YOU...... Ben
  11. Well I just had to share this even with it being unfinished, just got this in from Ron Bohart and I'm calling it Panda Play and it's just OFF THE HOOK...... His use of color added with his work just puts his stuff over the top...... So here's the first photo of "Panda Play" and as you can see it's a raw skin, the cost of this kite is $700.00 and I'll frame it how ever you want........ Ben
  12. Happy birthday Steven Leonard can't wait to share some sky with you in the future..... Ben
  13. If you want them just give a call to the office.....Ben
  14. Being that I've had to be home these days I've had the time to experiment with some very new high modules raw carbon fiber...... As most of you may know the "Race Rod" program was born the very same way and the new "Diamond Shaft" is going to be a home run for flying in low bumpy wind..... These new shafts are weighing in at less than 10 grams a stick, they are very strong, and the reflex, which is the rebound time is almost twice as fast as standard "Race Rods" ......... I got a winner here for sure folks, the bad part is this material is way expensive like well over $100.00 a pound so I only bought enough for a limited run of about 20 sets or so for now, we don't have a lot of them right now so for sure its a limited run.... So everyone knows from the start these are going to be expensive at $150.00 a set but they are in my opinion well worth the money, I mean imagine a rod that is lighter than your beloved "Race Rods", which is stiffer than you old "Race Rods"and then just snaps back when your do those quick formation turns, hell ya is all I can say....... So folks here they are the new "Diamond Shaft" and the next step in Revolution flying....... Ben
  15. Tighten up the bottom stack lines try 1 inch at a time till you get rid of the back kite wobble......Ben (nice video by the way )
  16. Just a part of the joint effort between "Los Hermanos Show Kites" and Revolution and this is just a very limited run...... The cost is $300 and I'll frame it any way you want and these single skin kites work super as a short line street kite......(just saying) Ben........
  17. Happy Birthday Mike Kory and tons more...... Ben
  18. Welcome to the "Family"...... Ben
  19. Im not really sure on how many it's all about creating the art work..... Ben
  20. This is the new "History In Flight" series which will be a printed kites done by our friends "Los Hermanos"...... The first one we have done is the P-51 fighter which played a huge role in keeping the skies safe in WW 2, as you can see this also comes with a matching custom carry bag and is called "The Dog Fight"....... So enjoy and lets always remember that this is just the beginning of a whole new series of kites....... Ben
  21. Happy birthday my friend..... Ben
  22. Opps Rich it is, sorry brain lock....... Ben
  23. Tomorrow is your birthday and as always I wish you nothing but the best, be well my frined and travel well......... Your brother Ben
  24. Because my head is mostly lost I put an order for 2 kites of the vented "Rev Polo's" for myself and imagine my surprise when I got 4, hmmmm means 2 kites are without a home... So note to self check your order before you order, now sell the other 2....... So I have in stock 2 "Rev Polo's vented" by our good friends in Spain "Los Hermanos Show Kites, in conjunction with Revolution...... As most of you know these are hard to come by and on top I will frame it how ever the customer wants for $320.00 each or both for ??????, so step up and give us a call...... Ben
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