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  1. Joe teaching Tyler and some of his school friends about flying....... Ben
  2. Forum Member 40 posts Gender:Male Location:Portsmouth, England Sent 07 January 2014 - 05:59 PM Hi Ben The picture is from Popular Science July 1991 page 71 from an article titled The Sky's No Limit. Cheers Stephen Thanks Stephen and you are correct so I will send you some Rev Bucks just for playing,,,,,,,, Ben
  3. I just found this photo and as a bonus if anyone can date this photo and magazine by Feb. 1st I'll send you a present from me to you....... Ben
  4. Merry Christmas to all my friends and Family world wide...... May we share some sky somewhere in the future........ Ben
  5. Welcome home my friend, been missing you.........Ben
  6. Thanks for all the warm words my friend, enjoy....... Ben
  7. Call in and get one bro been awhile..... Ben
  8. Well the second in the series of printed kites are here , so its right before Christmas and I for one would love to have this under my tree...... I would have to say these are the best kites I've put out there so far and yes it does come with a custom bag...... Wow, wow, wow, is all I'll say...... Ben
  9. The new heads came in today, now I'm happy........ Ben
  10. This is the newest addition to the Rev line up, I bought something similar to this for my "Go Pro" a while ago and when I put my camera on the thing it just spun around..... Being who we are and what we do I put the problem in front of Joe and Dave and being who they are they made me a better one and lighter to..... So here it is the new "Rev Wand", it is 60 inches, 5 sections, and made of carbon fiber and really gets the job done at a very cheap price of $69.00 with the head..... So do you need a stocking stuffer for your "Rev" flier or for someone that needs to get those hard to get shots, well here it is , just an American made product from some good old boys out in the hills of Poway Ca.. You got to love this job....... Ben Thanks Joe and Dave
  11. Sorry all I have is "Pipe Dreams" but you never know I always try to keep things going, Pipe Dream with Diamond Rods call me if you have an interest..... Ben
  12. Welcome to the Family..... Ben
  13. Happy, happy, happy, birthday my friend..... Ben
  14. This is the newest addition to my printed kites, I really think I should have done more than five of these but thats what I have, FIVE....... So with that said heres what I have five of the newest printed kites, "Pipe Dreams" cost is $300.00 so call us ASAP cause these are not going to last..... Ben
  15. beach

    Just Cool

    Thanks Chris...... Ben
  16. One Randy Tom down, two kites left..... Ben
  17. beach

    Just Cool

    Lets see if this works..... Ben Revs on TV.mp4Revs on TV.mp4
  18. I understand and really have no words other than it is a beautiful kite........ Ben
  19. For some reason I forgot about having these three kites , so with that said I'm have a "Ben Sale" I'm will to sell any of the three for $100.00 off and free shipping if your in the USA and as always I'll frame them how ever you want...... So I have two Randy Tom's which are normally $600.00 and I'll let either go for $500.00 and I have one of my buddies Ron Bohart's which are normally $700.00 going for $600.00, I figure with Christmas right around the corner I'd just go crazy..... Being this is a "Ben Sale" I'll wrap a t shirt around it all as my gift to you..... So if you were on the fence come on down and make that kite statement to the world..... Bens gone crazy again...... Ben
  20. I agree the layout is so cool...... Ben
  21. Happy birthday my friend and may it be a great one...... Wish I was there to fly with you..... Seems like forever since we were together....... Ben
  22. Welcome and have fun..... Ben
  23. Welcome to the "Family"...... Ben
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