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  1. Here are my hands ... http://www.youtube.c...o&feature=share
  2. HI ! I'd like to present my B pro Xtra vent that I did with a standard stail. It is very smooth to fly in high winds, I tested it in a gusty 52 miles/h and it handles it perfectly even if it was very powerfull ! You will find the link below for the video and the pic ! Thomas (French rev flyer !) https://picasaweb.go...215893150496194 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=a4_ILDAJWVo
  3. Hi ! Can you give me the difference between the shokwave and the supersonic ? Thanks a lot from France Thomas
  4. actually I got 110 lbs Climax, so everyone think it can be ok in the top end of the barresi full vented wind range ?
  5. Hi ! I bought myself in France a rev barresi vented and I want to fly it in 40 mp/h and my question is what line weight do you think I have to buy to handle that wind ? Thanks again ! Thomas
  6. ok thanks a lot for your answer ! I order an rev 1.5 sle SUL in France and the distributor don't really know if there is the ul handles with it. When you sell it to the french distributor, your give him the choice of kite only and handle packaged ? Thanks a lot !! Thomas
  7. Hi , Does the rev 1.5 SUL comes with Ultra-light extended stainless steel handles or is it just the kite when you buy it and you have to buy extended handles in option ? Thanks Thomas
  8. Thanks a lot for your answer ! And do you think that I can use the 3 wrap frame on my future SLE SUL to do like barresi's ? Thomas
  9. Hi everyone ! I have a rev exp but I want to buy one for light wind. Is the B series with the 2 wrap is as good as the rev 1.5 SUL in light winds ? Thanks from France ! Thomas
  10. ok I understand !Thanks a lot ! But a last question : Can you give me the diameter of the carbon 3 wrap and for the 4 wrap ? Thanks a lot ! Thomas
  11. Hi ! Another time I will ask you some explanations before buying a vented revolution: for The Barresi vented there is this on the website : Wind Range:5-20 mph (3 wrap frame included) 6-30 mph (4 wrap frame included) 10-45 mph (4 wrap frame w/3 wrap LE added) I understand that when you buy this kite there is 2 frames, the 3 wrap and the 4 wrap but the thing I don't understand is for the 10- 45mph, dos it mean that you install the 2 frames on your revolution ?How is it possible ? What does it mean LE added ? I'm french, so can you explain me ? Thanks again ! I go to fly with my revo exp this afternoon. Thomas
  12. Hi ! I'm living in France and I bought a revolution exp and it's great but i'am looking for a lighter kite because I'm not practicing on the beach. Do you know the wind range of the Rev 1.5 SUL ? Thanks again for your answer ! Thomas
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