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  1. WOW! Thank you all very very much for your input!! I can't tell you all enough how relieved I am to hear that I didn't buy something that was a lemon!! Thank you for clearing all that up for me!! It's also great to know that I can easily change some (relatively) inexpensive parts to get some better performance and even somewhat of an "upgrade" too! I did find some videos around youtube and what not, but nothing that really helped me out much until I found some video series' from a guy that doesn't give his name. Younger dude, seems like a pro kite flyer, short blonde hair, always wears a hoodie and shades, lol... Those videos are so amazing, I can't even begin to tell you how much they've helped me. The DVD that came with my kite is worthless in comparison. Unfortunately we haven't had any wind during these last several days, but I'm VERY anxious to get back out there again, especially knowing now what I've learned from these videos. Regarding when I purchased my kite: the guy that's here in town is a one-man-shop, and unfortunately I didn't get much input from him about the setup or flight. However, other than getting the spars on the wrong side, I had zero problems settin' this baby up and breakin it down again. And I can certainly attest to the toughness of these SLE spars. I took SEVERAL full-speed nose dives right into the ground, lol, and the thing is still holding strong! Come to think of it, I don't think I was able to do even one "intentional" landing, hahaha. I should probably work on that. MrDenny, that is very kind of you to offer to take "care" of my kite for me. I'll make sure to get that to you PROMPTLY. In fact, go ahead and hold your breath and wait by the mailbox. I'm sure it'll be there any time now! hehe OH! I just found those videos tutorials, they're on www.kitelife.com. I'm sure you all probably know about them already though. So maybe if I can describe the problem(s) I was having during my last flight, maybe you guys can give me a few pointers? 1. At first, I had someone holding the kite up and it literally launched itself, which was kinda cool. But it (or I) would immediately turn to the right or left and it would come crashing down again. 2. After that, I launched it from the ground. Per the DVD that came with it, I would bring my thumbs back and give it a good tug. The kite would do one of two things: a ) It would shoot up like a rocket to max altitude and then lose wind and fall down, or b ) It would veer to the right or left and I would panic and try frantically to correct it. There were actually a few times when I would get it up and be able to spin it left and right, but I'd lose some control (or wind) at that point and it would come down again. Could this be as a result of the spars being on the wrong side? 3. Crashing nose dives are a great way to practice your inverted launches, ha ha. Surprisingly enough though, almost every time I was able to (sloppily) spin it back around for another normal-but-newbish relaunch. After thinking about this a bit, I realize that my inverted-control theory was quite backwards. I was pretty frustrated when I would try to spin it right and it would go left. Something else to work on I suppose. 4. Backwards flying is SO foreign to me. Is that something I should even be thinking about right now? I mean, considering how often I find myself a**-up, it seems like it might be pretty important, lol. The one bit of advice the guy at the kite store gave me was to practice just launching and landing. Don't spin, don't slide, don't do anything except that for an hour or so until I'm confident about moving to the next step. The problem with that was, though, was that I could launch, but shortly after that I would lose control by either the spinning problem or the skyrocketing problem as noted above. And for my last question, do I need a lot of wind for this kite? It says 4-whatever MPH, but it doesn't seem to want to do jack squat in the lower wind bracket. How much of that could have been because of the spars being on the wrong side? Any other beginner tips, advice, suggestions, criticisms, critiques, slanderings, and/or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated! I can't thank you all enough for all the great input you've given me so far! Brian
  2. Hi all! I'm new to the world of 4-line kites as well as Rev kites, so please be gentle. heh I went in to my local kite store here in Idaho Falls (any local flyers?) a couple weeks ago, with my mind set on a $75 HQ Symphony 1.8 Power Kite. ...An hour or so later, I walked out with a beautiful brand-new Rev 1.5 SLE! The owner of the kite store could not stop talking about how amazing and fun these kites were, and how this particular model is a perfect mid-range level kite. I couldn't wait to get home and fly it!! Fast forward to today; the first time I've put it together and taken it out for flight, lol. Assembly was easier than my mom's HQ Calypso 2-liner. So I took it outside to our backyard (plenty of room out there). The thing nearly launches itself, I was blown away! However, unfortunately, it also seems to spin out of control and crash on its own as well. I am, however, very new to 4-line kites, so I'm not at all discouraged about that. If I've learned anything from reading these forums, it's that it's most likely just me trying to fly it like a 2-liner. Anyway, I ended up here on the forums for no particular reason, and started reading some topics that looked interesting. Wow. Maybe if I had put the spars BEHIND the kite instead of IN FRONT, I might have had a little better luck, lol. So I am anxious to take 'er out again tomorrow. However, here's where the buyer's remorse question sets in: In every post that I've read, I have yet to see ANYBODY say anything good about the SLE. In fact, one person even goes as far to say that the SLE isn't even worthy for human use and implies that it should be burned and buried. Did I spend my very hard-earned $300 on something that is not worth the plastic bag that it even came in?! I'm really quite disappointed and am feeling very discouraged about this now after reading these forums. Especially after the guy at the store told me NOT to get a B series because it was too hard for a beginner to fly, and that the SLE would last me for YEARS. I was able to get it up with no problems, do some spins, reverse launch, strafe side-to-side some on my first hour or so I was out there, but the thing seemed incredibly unpredictable. How much of that was my idiocy of putting the spars on the wrong side, and how much of that was the kite just being a piece of junk? Any tips or suggestions? I'd really like to know if I bought a lemon or not. Thanks in advance, Brian
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