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  1. Ray, Great video It was good meeting you Saturday. Bruce
  2. Happy Birthday Wayne !!! I hope the winds are a little better for you today. Maybe at least a constant 3 - 4 mph. Bruce
  3. Welcome to the forum Wyatt! I was at the LC fest on Fri and Sun also. I walked up and talked to several Rev flyers on the north side of the river those two days but evidently never ran into you. That LC beach is several people's including myself favorite place to fly. I am lucky enough to live only a little over an hour away and I get there when I can. Maybe I will see you there one of these days. Bruce
  4. Wanted to thank you for all the helpful pointers and friendly chat this past Friday & Sunday at the festival. Seems watching you from the D-Sands is common, but I think we'll stay where Brett was next time we're there. Not so far to walk ;)

    Jim & Apryll.

  5. Bruce, Kevin talked to you about us having trouble posting pictures. We tried to find the place to change our setting, but can't find it. Can you tell us again what to do? We were talking to you at D river this last weekend.

    Anne and Kevin

  6. IQUAD goes to sunny California beaches and comes back with a new dress code. Does this mean the entire team will be performing in bikinis in the future? Who will watch the Revs flying? Bruce
  7. I did manage to grab a couple of shots via Prt Scrn just before the last few people wrapped up for today. Bruce
  8. I got to see a lot of team flying today also. I bet there was a large off site audience via internet today. I was really looking forward to a night fly with some fancy lights. Bruce
  9. Thank you for placing that cam link on here. I had lots of beach cam links but nothing with live stream like this. Fun to watch the Kite Party sitting here on a rainy day. All we need now is sound and zoom capability or even better be there. Bruce
  10. The big day has arrived. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN !!!!!!!!!! Bruce
  11. Wayne, Kiting has actually made me branch out some on the types of music I liked. When I first got into kiting, I was listening to Moody blues, Led Zepplin, Santana- Music of that time period and some of the newer country songs of the 90's. Since then I have tried and enjoyed kiting while listening to Jazz, blues, Kenny G, Flutes, etc ----------Warning -These are not for high wind days - You will get so lulled out you can't react fast enough to keep up with the kite. Bruce
  12. Thank you Brett See you in June if not sooner. Let us know if you vacation a few days up at LC. Bruce
  13. Another one added No custom rev markers on this one . Darn it. Bruce
  14. Turned 59 today and I am considering holding there for a yet undetermined amount of time. Thanks all for the nice birthday wishes. Bruce
  15. I'm very impressed with the flying also. I 'd like to think some day I could have that much control in higher winds. Very nice video. Since there was no shake or movement, you must have had the camera or video recorder on a tripod and you kept the kite within view of the lens. Looks like a good location. Close parking and lamp posts to land on. Bruce
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