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    I did see one pic on FB that showed Ben flying one. The comments indicated it was still being tested for durability and function.
  2. Already had the race rods, so all I needed was the 2 wrap center! Love to try diamonds, but cost is a factor for me!
  3. I know this subject is on sticks (got those), but has anyone tried a stiffer LE in their Zen? I decided to try a 2 wrap center with race ends and kept the Zen tubes as verts. Added the sticks, and I see a definite improvement on a stiffer LE, keeping the sail more efficient in the low winds in was designed for. Your opinions?
  4. Win lottery?? Don't know about personal buyer, but can I apply for personal flier??
  5. You gonna tape every set of rods that you use?? And I'm guessing that getting the tape on the rods without wrinkles will be a PITA! My advice is if you plan to do it - put it on the sail. If you choose to sew it - either lube the thread and needle (glue is sticky!!!) or wait a month to let it "set up". Still flyable not sewn. Then when sewing - make sure your stitches are large, you don't want to perforate the sail and create a toilet paper type tear point that will rip easily.
  6. If you choose to sand your rods - STOP as soon as you start to get black residue!! You have gone too deep and are sanding the carbon wraps that give the rod its strength!
  7. I put my own strips on a used set of Pros and cut the angles to avoid the mesh panels, It acts to protect your sail from wear, but also to keep it from stretching out so much. Pretty easy if you just take your time to do it right. Also helps if you and a friend can work together.
  8. Make sure to get a different frame than what you have already in the EXP, if you get a vented. The frame in your EXP is really a 3 wrap, I would get either a 2 wrap for light wind or a 4 wrap for strong. Since you can used them in all the 1.5 size kites, you now have several options depending on the days conditions.
  9. How do you mean change the sail? All the 1.5 frames are interchangeable among all the 1.5 models, bridles too. You'll notice that other models - B's, NYM, Pros - all offer several different configurations of venting options to change with the winds. The EXP is just a full sail option, not suited to really high wind situations! Still confused by the changing part?
  10. You on FB? She is more active over there. Look for her as Colleen Baker Aka Jynx.
  11. Have a Rev 1 from 1998 and it's still flying!! Age is not the issue, how it was used and taken care of - is! If it has no or few tears at the mesh on the LE and no tears on the sail itself, then it's perfectly fine to fly!
  12. Lolly at Rev or John Mitchell might know the release date. As for smelling, GENTLY wash the kite with your hose on spray and leave it out in the sun to dry! See if that helps! Double check the bridle for wear or rot! Replace if needed!
  13. Also - are you on Kitelife? They also have a member map. Might use that too!
  14. How close to Spokane are you? There are several fliers in that area to hook up with!! Look on the member map for those near you that are using it.
  15. That is called "tea bagging" your kite. Seen it up close once and very effective! But a good used vented kite can be found too! Just gotta put the word out that you are looking!
  16. Hope you can get the existing clubs to post their regular meets on the page!! Gets more fliers the info on what is going on in their areas. I know a lot of UK fliers were active on this site at one time. Maybe get them to be a bit more active again?
  17. My hybrid frame was 72 gr if I remember correctly, so adding back some to try sticks was a non-factor, weight-wise! If I get the chance, I'll remeasure to make sure! My 5 Zen spars were 84 gr!! 20 gr difference!! Yikes!!
  18. I've met Steven a couple years back - you have NO idea of how much has gone into his flying!!! He even flies indoors (had him come to the place I use) really well! That there is a bunch of time dedicated to learning and mastering his craft!!
  19. Yep, the tube shape works until it is compromised, then failure can occur anytime stressed. While you are at it, check the ferrules for looseness too! And recheck regularly. Nice sail BTW, too bad about the breakage!
  20. Never have had diamonds for my Zen!! Had some 1st run diamonds I tried in my SUL as an LE. Liked the feel, but broke one and that ended that. Weigh them and compare to a stock Zen frame. I've been using a combo of 2 wrap center, race ends, Zen verts and came up with a weight savings of 12 grams over the stock frame. And it's stiffer too!! I wonder what could be the weight savings for diamonds??
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