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  1. Even if you just get inline with 2-3 others, it will really help your confidence. And you can still work on more control as you wish. But getting in a line really shows what the kite is capable of! And don't worry - there are many experienced leaders that will take your abilities and work inside that framework. Don't be bullied by tangles - we've all been there! Most take at best a few minutes to sort out, some we can fly out of. Learning to relax and breathe in the line is key!!
  2. Are you on Facebook? There's a page with most of the SA kiters contributing to it. Called - Southern Sky in Africa!
  3. Must be another set other than the original. My son got an old Rev 2 from about that time span and they were 75', factory lines!
  4. 60'??? Sure about that? Most, depending on dealer, are 75', 80', or 85'. It sounds very strange that you would get something that short in a package deal!
  5. Many ninjas await!!
  6. Gerry Ralls and I will be down on Wednesday I think, through Monday or Tuesday. Look for a blue hat and goggles! Line forms to the left!!
  7. First - let me ask - are you in range of any of the Rev fliers? All that you can ask would be best answered in person, because as you get more info, you'll get more questions. Plus you'll have the advantage of flying some kites and really determine if this is suited to you. Look on the member map for people located near you! A short drive will take a lot off the learning curve!
  8. Full vent? get a 4 wrap or another 3 wrap. Either should work. 4 wrap gives you a complete set to match winds, but it also depends on if you will fly in pretty strong winds. True, many don't take to race rods, they are different in flex and snap. Love them for solo flying a lot, team uses 3s more. Solo flying lets me be a bit more active, team means a bit more quiet in movements. 3 wraps tend to be smoother, race needs to be pumped.
  9. Our field saying is - little through big, big through little. Small loop from vertical through long loop from horizontal, then long tag end from horizontal through the loop from vertical. Pull tight. Should be left with a small "hinge" in the process. If all the knots are together, you've done it wrong.
  10. It's a counter-intuitive thing! Set up from the factory with a lot of forward, helps get the kite airborne easy. But once aloft, having more brake on, gives you more control. So it's a 2 sided deal for those learning - forward to launch or brake for control! Much easier to understand as your learning curve advances!
  11. Looks to be for convenience of manufacturing, since the mesh area is pretty small. Easier to just make one piece of tape and not have to stop sewing! No need to align the small piece either. Sewing tape over that small vent at the top, makes it pretty useless, IMHO!
  12. The vented material seems to be a bit better at resisting wear, so I'm not sure why the Mylar strips are over it. Unless theirs is of a questionable quality? As for the question of added weight - I put insignia tape strips on both my Zen (hard flown) and a brand new SUL. In testing, neither showed ill effects in winds pretty unsettled and inland. I personally disagree that light wind kites need to be as near weightless as possible. The Zen is a veritable anchor in weight, but because of the sail design, is a great light wind alternative. Design can overcome apparent "flaws"! I have however switched the LE to one less flexible, but lighter. IMHO the stiffer LE lets the sail work by keeping its shape, not flexing so much as to distort the wing. Keeps light winds in the sail and not dumped out the TE. YMMV.
  13. The 135% is approx equal to an X/V. Everything Shook is based on a full vent, 40% is a little less than a mid, 75% is a bit more than mid, 100% is equal to a full vent!
  14. I'm pretty much up for anything vented! Really would like to try a B2 mid or full sometime!! The vented Super sounds great too.
  15. If you went to the main page and looked careful, you would have seen "Find A Store" in the column. Scrolling down would have put you at the Great Canadian Kite Company and I'm sure they would have helped you, I'm sure. Never the less, glad you got hooked up with something that plays nice with others, should you ever get the chance! Are you on the KiteLife forum? Videos available there too, that teach you about Revs! if you join, look for me - I use my real name over there - Wayne Dowler.
  16. Even though I weigh 190 lbs, as my screen name indicates, I have balance issues and stay away from the power series. But I did get to try a Blast several years back and enjoyed my short time on the lines. Since I'm not interested in pull so much, my next experiment might be something from the "Speed Series" like a SuperSonic or ShockWave.
  17. Not sure then, how the topic title goes with your needs? Rev 2 is a smaller kite - approx 6' across. My son has one - quick, light on the lines, NOT a power kite by any means.
  18. Well at least from the info given - it looks like you are into some "pull". I would think any of the Blast series might fit your needs, from a Blast ,2-4 Blast, or 4-8 Blast! All are more than capable of giving you a good workout! Look through the product descriptions of each, to see what you think.
  19. Sitting here laughing!! This question is like asking what car to buy! What do YOU want out of your experience flying? What kind of conditions do you typically encounter? What style of flying interests you - fast and zippy, slower controlled flight, trick, team, pull, etc?? Give us some parameters to work with and Rev makes darn near anything and everything that will fill that void!!
  20. You have it right on that!! PS: call that standard frame by it's feathers - most likely a 3 wrap! 2 sails, 3 frames, use the lines and handles you already have, can handle most wind conditions you will see!
  21. Simple rod explanation - all frames are interchangeable in their size range. As in - all 1.5 frames will fit in any 1.5 sail. You have a standard sail with a race frame (replaces a 2 wrap) and most likely a 3 wrap in the sail now. Adding a 4 wrap/full vent will give you versatility to put any of them in either kite, These are the most common rods used; 2, 3, 4 wrap rods - similar style of flex from them, but as the # goes up, so does the strength and weight. Easily identified by the # of feathers on the label - 2 feathers - 2 wrap, 3 feathers - 3 wrap, etc. Race rods black - light like 2 wrap, stronger like 3 wrap. Have a different flex and return than "wrap" rods, some love, some hate. Race rods green - weight about 3 wrap, strong like 4 wrap. Used now in all the New York Minute kites, very strong rods, not quite the same flex as black race, but similar. Diamond rod - latest offering, really light, much different flex and return from "wrap" rods. Not for new fliers, IMHO. Lots of other rods too, but this is a start. Just stay inside the model you've flown and try different frames in it - however - I wouldn't use a race frame til I got past the "unexpected crash" thing, a 3 wrap is plenty strong enough to learn on! Any questions - feel free to PM me
  22. Did you get both 2+3 wrap frames with the standard? I would suggest a full vent next. It has enough wind range overlap that with a lighter frame, it will go lower than stated, and with a stiffer frame, fly in high wind easily. If you have those 2 frames, get a full vent with a 4 wrap. With the 2 sails and 3 frames, you can do a lot of mixing and matching to find a decent combo.
  23. The LHSK guys sell the sleeves for verts. You could just spray some lacquer over the rods and make them smooth. Shrink wrap seems a bit on the heavy side and might be excessive. The wear comes from the constant load/unload cycles, flying the kite creates. The "wear strips" serve 2 functions - 1. they do take a lot of the abuse from rods on sail. 2. They keep the sail from stretching out as easily.
  24. At WSIKF (Washington State) there is usually a whole field for Revs, big enough for LOTS of fliers. PS: that is where we put up 81 Revs at once 2 years ago!! And there will be plenty of people to meet and fly with. There are at least 3 fields marked out and as many as 5, plenty of room to fly alone or with people if you want! Plus, there is room around the edges, but spectators there also, so you'll need to take care. Inside the ropes is "safe"! But you'll need to sign in and get an AKA bracelet (free) to be inside any roped off area.
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