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  1. A while back it was made known that there might be Pros available through another sail maker - any more word on it? Progress? Or just wishful thinking? Thanks for any info!
  2. Just a word - If anyone runs into any issues on the forum - please contact Dave for a solution! His email address is in his signature box under any of his posts. Contact him through email to work out any problems.
  3. David Hathaway (Monkey) has taken over as admin. I'll see if I can reach him on FB, he's pretty active over there. He should be able to sort it out! Left him a message - hopefully he can sort it out! Sent PM to you Bill
  4. Reading the instructions over - I see nothing about removing the spars while storing - only putting together the LE outside the sail. This is to make sure you have seated the spars together - ends over ferrules completely! Most of us can feel the ferrules and ends of the rods and know that they are seated. As jburka has said - pull the LE spars out an inch or so, and you can vary the folding point. I also would recommend folding the top of the sail over ( include the mesh), then rolling up the sail after that. The folding lessens the effects on the mesh. It would be nice to see a fold reinforcement put on the sail, from the factory! Seems like that has traditionally been the weakest point on the mesh and fails there most often. YMMV
  5. There is a short line to remember if doing a switch in the field or on a beach: "Little through big, big through little!" . That will help you remember how to join the 2 parts together and get that hinge between the vertical leg and the horizontal leg.
  6. Just for something else to try: put a wrap in your lines first - and then try hovers! Sometimes that wrap slows down your over-controlling the sail. Inputs are a little more smoothed out going through the wrap, so it might be a good idea to try?!? Nice thing is that there is no "right or wrong" way to go about this, only what works for you. It's still up to you to take the ideas we give and try them, sort out the ones that work for you, and then incorporate them into your "style"!
  7. Mark - That's Paul's line!!! (don't worry - I use it too!)
  8. Like you said Felix - not all are comfortable with that flat handle position! So at least let's nudge him in that direction!!
  9. Almost every time, wobble is caused by the corrections being too big! The left side gets out of whack, you try to fix, and overdo it, then the right side messes up. So try to use as small a correction as possible! If you are still learning this, here is a good exercise: put the kite on the ground inverted. Point your thumbs towards the kite and slowly step back. The sail should rise off the ground. Experiment with those small corrections I mentioned, when the kite gets out of shape. If it gets badly messed up, just step forward and land - no harm, no foul. As you get more comfortable, try higher and higher. PS: it may help to put your handles out a bit to the sides, not so straight up and down, sort of splayed in the shape of a "/\".
  10. Many of us are on FaceBook and other forums too. None are the warehouse of info this one is though. I do try to refer people to use this one with others they have joined, how successful - ? If I see comments or questions on here, I try to answer as best I can. Plus I send a lot of the overseas fliers to use here, as you seem to be more in touch with things over there. Pretty sure the amount of questions hasn't changed much, just there are more outlets to get info!
  11. +1 100% Shook (12) Sail was gifted to me!
  12. Looking and feeling great to be back!! Rev on!
  13. There are many still active fliers in the UK, plan on trying to go to a kite festival and meet some! Not impossible to learn on your own, but meeting up and flying with others will shave countless hours off the learning curve. I believe there is another thread near the top of the forum list that also has a UK new flier - and he got a response from someone!! Hampshire Flying sites is the one!
  14. You added JB's leaders to the Reflex leaders?? That would be way too long. With snagless or even stock handles - JB's would be all you would need by themselves. As Mark said, most of us find a sweet spot out near the end, just a few knots in from the end.
  15. Have you tried contacting Lolly about them? Rev might have an answer or diagnosis or offer a replacement for them. I'd at least give them the opportunity to get involved in a solution.
  16. I would recommend getting some good old snagless handles and long leaders .........
  17. all the models are listed on the "old" page - just use the community button and go to home page and then to products. Not directly on the "new page" for the cart yet.
  18. I too check pretty regularly! Spinning clockwise everytime? Not normal. Something is not correct - and all things point to the bridle. You're sure everything is looking right? Setup your "B" and the regular 1.5, side by side, and compare them. They both use the same bridle, so any irregularity should be apparent. Sounds like possibly one of the line attachment pigtails got wrapped around itself, or around other parts of the bridle, making it shorter. Check for this and/or any other thing different between the two. The only difference is the sail itself. All the other parts - rods, bridle, are totally interchangeable.
  19. Shorter than 30'?? While I fly on 10' indoors, I'd have a hard time on too much shorter, unless conditions call for it. That short really makes sleeves a pain, just tie in extra long loops to adjust as needed. Make up one end on all 4 lines with the open end maybe a foot longer than needed. Stretch well and make one and then match it. Have made lines for years, just a bit of time invested, and you get 2-3 sets for the price of one. Include stopper knots or tie little pull tabs into the loops or they be hard to pull off!
  20. Do you plan on using sleeves or ???
  21. Glad to see the forum back under the new format! Way too much info to get lost in the shuffle! Between here and the Kitelife forums, there are so many valuable resources out there for any and all, new or experienced fliers! Nice to see it up and still running!!!
  22. Might ask over on Kitelife as well!
  23. I did get to try one out at the Rockaway Kite Festival in Oregon, this weekend on Sunday morning! I had put my SUL up on 85' of 50# lines, it was that low! A friend had a Reflex, so we swapped it out, using my lines and handles. It did fly very well in those conditions! Since it was someone else's kite, I did not try it minus the springs, or the dead launch, but my impression is that it makes a very respectable alternative to the Zen! I would have liked to set both up at the same time on identical setups and done a good head to head comparison, but ...! I did experience the overhead flight and glide to a downwind position - pretty cool. And with a little getting used to - you can turn it fairly quick, maybe not as fast or nimble as a 1.5, but every bit as quick as a Zen on a semi stock setup. (Again - practice and I use a hybrid frame and "magic sticks" on mine. Alone, it stands on its own merits as a very capable flier!
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