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  1. I must say, because I had so many tangles at first, was why I looked at different ways of winding, and found johns video, which I use all the time now. But I don't always end the same as johns, this I believe is due to line and handle lengths, but close enough most of the time to wrap up the last bit somehow, and it really works just leaving suspected tangles and twists until you are set up and ready to fly, as most do come out. But ad said, fly how you like mate, do what works for you and have fun.
  2. yea was great to see you both, as usual the wind did pick up a bit later.. glad your going to portsmouth. my brother in law is away for a week, and didnt take his phone on holiday, so watch this space..
  3. Ah yea cool baloo, see what you mean, is it a dual line stunt or quad, or just a single liner? There are some great restaurants at the mariner, or guys if you don't mind a bit of travel, like 10 mile, my brother in law is head chef at a great, little restaurant over the other side of the river gosport side, and they also have a small room in it for hire, I'm sure he could sort us out a really good deal if I knew how many would like this I could ask?
  4. Ok baloo I gotta ask what's a wufer?
  5. What about getting some t shirts with revkites.com on em, maybe on the back and small on the front top right?
  6. Cool, seems like a few of us will be there, always good to put names to faces eh, we will have to wear name tags, or red roses,lol
  7. Well it's coming up soon, who is going? We have family down there so we are going, I am hoping to get some cool handles and some line, Ooo and a kite maybe.
  8. Thanks again guys, I'll give kiteworld a ring,
  9. Thank you theresa, my problem as well is by the tme I have ordered from USA and payed postage and import tax, it's usually more expensive, but if you're coming over here on hols I'll put you up,lol. But there you go you see, 1 shop..... For us in the uk, gotta be more? Andelscott, that's the shop I used, but no reply to emails, Ok, any one in uk got a baressi vented in purple/grey or lime they wanna sell, and a set of 120 lines ?
  10. Guys, what uk shops do you buy from? Reason I ask is the rev scene in many kite shops over here is very slim on the ground, I have 2 that I use but from one they have very little to none, the other rarely answers email, even when I bought from them. So, who can you recommend?
  11. Well, still being new, but I would say the race rod should improve the rev, as it's flying with a 4 wrap, that's essentially heavier, so the race rods will be lighter and allow for lower wind conditions, but be a strong as a 3wrap. My problem now is I have to wait 4_ 6 weeks for delivery..
  12. That's a great help, thank you, new kite, or should I say newer kite on the way, Thanks for the help
  13. I have the standard 1.5 sle, which came with an extra set of rods, labelled as ultra light, those are what I'm using at the moment, flys better than with the thick ones. I'm still new to this so excuse me if I get a bit confused,lol. When I look on the listing page I was looking at a jb signature series, rainbow colour, now that says what frame do I want, race, 2-3 wrap, I thought the 2 wrap were the ultra lights? So I was now thinking race rods on a full vent? Our wind round here is quite variable, today we had about 12, so the 1.5 with the ultra lights seemed like she was pulling a bit too hard, maybe I should have put the larger sle rods back in, but our winds will be stronger sometimes, ok sometimes not, but I don't want the wind to stop me flying
  14. Ok, guys, which one next, haven't had my 1.5 sle long but loving it, and my wife just said, I should buy you another one so you can fly in stronger winds, well, it's rude not to agree with her eh? So, my thinking is this, I have an sle, thatl do for the moment with lower winds, but do ingot a mid vent or a full vent, and what frame? I see race, 2 wrap etc, I would guess a full vent with 2wrap, the ultra lights, I'm thinking of a signature series as I want the bright rainbow colours, Whatch reckon?
  15. thanks for the replys guys, i certainly wont be getting the wrong stuff, im a bit of a label freak there, must have the right stuff, but while searching for the lpg line, most was fishing stuff so was really just curious if it was the same, thanks for setting that straight. it does seem hard to find spools of the lpg around though doesnt it, it seemed it would be easier for me to get someone to send some over from u.s.a
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