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  1. Ooooh Revflyer, Another option - thank you very much. Chris
  2. Tee Hee Robert Shoe, like it. Thank you for that, and of course a big thanks to Madquad for beating Bob to it. That sounds like the way forward - much appreciated. Chris
  3. Hello, I have a little problem that I need to correct as soon as possible really – The foam on my handles have both become unstuck and are now sliding on the stainless bar so controlling the kite is now not as accurate as I would like. How do I correct this? Is there a suitable adhesive that doesn't cost the earth? Thank you Chris
  4. Hello all, I must have close to 40 hours flight time now and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the manic flying of 25+ mph winds with my EXP on 14 metre lines. I know, I need a vented kite for the ease and precision of high wind flying – people keep saying that to me, and I will get one eventually. But the excitement and challenge of trying to control my lad in high gusty winds is soooo much fun for me, racing across the window barely in control, shooting upwards or outwards to the edge with no brakes in emergencies then attempting to fly, slide and turn slowly without being pulled forward……love it. Propeller spins are incredible. I tend not to do those too close to the ground though, cause they rarely stop in the direction I want in those winds. Anyway, I know it will end in tears one day, but for the time being I can't get enough of it ......................saddy. See ya Chris
  5. Wow, Guess i'm a bit late on board here...........bit slow me! Well hello Mr. Knight. I live in Exeter and have been flying Revs for 35-40 hours now and love it. I fly whenever I can weather permitting. You must pop down to Exmouth sometime it's great fun. If you are planning to be around Exeter after work sometime drop me a PM and perhaps we'll meet. See ya soon matey. Chris
  6. Hey Bartman, thank you for that, good point. Chris
  7. "You learn by your mistakes"……..Yep, I'll go with that. I made a biggy the other day…….oh how I laughed! Just for the record, instead of paying a paltry £3-5 on Ebay for a line winder I decided to spend hours and hours crafting one myself out of some 6mm polycarbonate sheet that we have at work, dunno why, perhaps cause it was there? Anyway, it's big, heavy, smooth and comfy. Right, I'm in the playing fields and don't have much time as usual, so I'm rushing a bit. I stake the handles then begin to unwind the line, and in my haste drop the winder. Because of its weight it falls quite quickly, and as it falls the rotating momentum unwinds the line……."bloody hell…..that was quick" I thought. So for the next 25m I'm not even holding the winder, I'm just walking along holding the line at waist height while the winder spins and spins releasing its line to the ground. Wow! That was a lot quicker……brilliant. Next, I got hold of the LH and RH lines and pulled them wide apart like I usually do, fully expecting the lines to separate all the way back to the handles. The line separation reached about 5 metres from me then stopped…..bugger. Oh dear me, not good. I guess many of you knew that would be the outcome. The spinning winder twisted the line together as well as unwinding it. Needless to say I spent the next 30-40 minutes sorting the lines out. Then packed up and went home cause I'd run out of time………bummer. Won't be doing that again. Thought I would share that with you lot and any brand new newbies that might fall into the same impatient trap as me. Feel free to mock………….. Chris
  8. Hello Mr. Timo, I too was a new newbie a month or so ago. I now have about 20 hours of flight time and have improved soooo much. I believe it's a case of 'practise makes perfect'. In my humble newbie opinion it is well worth trying to master the basics like normal hover and vertical left and right hover. Needless to say I haven't mastered these quite yet but I'm coming along quite nicely. I am still struggling with inverted flight though. I don't know about you, but as I have mentioned in one of my recent posts, staying focused and trying to sort the basics is very hard for me - I just want to be childish and do silly things with my kite, I don't have time for mastering techniques!......... Keep up with practise and you to can become a child again. See ya Chris
  9. Greetings, Just a quick piece of info for all you vision conscientious people out there who were kind enough to reply to my question here. I have just taken delivery of a bargain piece of eye-wear, in the form of 'Zeal Optics' 'Dignity's'. These were brand new from flea bay and cost me £5.96 including postage……….unbelievable! I am yet again a happy man, and also a very lucky one of course. They're ace. Really comfy, and being polarised give a very nice clear and crisp vision, and with 12% LT no more big squints for Chrissy…….. joy. See ya
  10. Hello All, Well…….I'm still occasionally getting in the kite practise; probably up around the 16/17 hrs of flight time now. Things are starting to fall into place as well – it's nice not to keep hitting he ground cause you rotate your wrists the wrong way. What I am struggling with is the will-power to practise the basics like hovering in the various positions for instance. When the wind is up it's soooooo much more fun just racing the kite around like a maniac with only minimal control. I have however now worked out the technique for hovering vertically left and right but still need a lot more practise. The inverted hover still eludes me though, although, having said that, if I cheat and spin the kite 3 or 4 times, the resistance in the twisted lines help to prevent me form over correcting. So perhaps I am learning? Side sliding?.........nah, ain't got a clue, not that I'm bothered at the moment, perhaps one day. Anyway, that's things as of yesterday, slow progress but I'm getting there……… See ya Chris
  11. Wow, what a turn out. Thanks for all the replies (and personal motor racing preferences). I was debating whether to post his or not – it seemed a bit like a silly question at the time, but has obviously been well received. That's nice. I sort of knew I needed a darker lens but never considered all the UV protection stuff……..DOH!!. Like the blind-fold idea……….quality. If you'd seen me fly you would think I was wearing a blind-fold……ha ha, lots to learning to be done. Thanks Again Chris
  12. Hello, What sunglasses would you recommend? I'm struggling at the moment – I have been out flying a few of times now and each time I have had to fly looking in the direction of that bright lad in the sky. It ain't too bad low down but being a newbie I prefer flying higher (less chance of hitting the ground). Unfortunately, flying higher forces me to look directly at the sun which is obviously bad. So I end up doing huge squints or shutting my eyes altogether which is also a bid dodgy. Hence the above question. I'm not necessarily after a particular manufacturers name, just wondering if there was a type of lens I should be looking for? Thanks again helpful people. Chris
  13. Hi all, Hey Kristalis, those videos were damn fine. I like the idea of those sleeving things, they really look the business don't they? And they appear to make adjusting the line lengths reasonably easy as well…….….bonus. I used the 'tie a bunch of knots' method. It seems to have worked okay. That plastic line gauge was also a pretty cool idea – where do you buy those things from? Are they available in the UK? Ummm…..why did I choose that length eh Baloo? Think I read somewhere that 90 feet was a good length and being English and in the engineering business for twenty odd years I certainly couldn't allow my lines to be measured in feet (no disrespect to the majority of posters on here), so I chose the sort of nearest metric equivalent. Unfortunately, 90 feet equates to 27metres 432mm. I just upped it to 28 metres (approx 92 feet)………………………There ya go, my reasoning – strange but true. Thanks for the confidence boost Antman, much appreciated. I'm up to around a whooping 5 hours flight time now (lookout John B. and Watty). Should I re-check my line lengths yet, or leave it a bit longer? Bye Bye Chris
  14. Hello all, Just thought I would update you on my progress so far – For me, getting the lines made up was quite a challenge; I'd done it once with the old 'elastic' lines so I figured doing it again would be easy. NOPE! That wasn't the case – My God, isn't this stuff skinny, it's like a 'fat' cotton strand. Anyway, one day at work I unwound 4no lengths of line about 28metres (92") long, and then wound them all together ready for the next day when I planned to get them all the same length. So, I'm at work and I have one end of each new line hooked onto a thin metal tube running between two g-clamps. Then I run the lines out and do the same at the other end. I then try to separate them so that I would have 4no lines running parallel to each other – I couldn't even get one line out let alone four of 'em…….bugger! I know, I'll wrap each line in turn loosely around my hand and feed it in and out of the other lines all the way down………brilliant! Nah, that didn't work. I got about 1/3 of the way down and got into a terrible state, my 'unfurled' line is now looking like a tiny, messy birds nest and won't undo anymore. So I work out which line it is and unclip it from the other end and pull it through, so now I am left with 3no lines to separate. This time I used one of the reels that Baloo sent me with the new kite line on…….it worked a treat……..sorted. I didn't have any sleeving material, so instead I made up a number of equal length hoops out of the old line and tied the new line to these. This will allow me to do all my tying to and from the kite/handles using a thicker and more manageable line……..tah dah! All I did was adjust the length of these hoops until I got all my lines pretty much the same length. My bottom lines are marked with black permanent ink and one of my top lines has a small piece of red electrical tape attached as a marker. I've only had about 20 minutes of flight with these new lines so far, and they do obviously make a world of difference, I'm well chuffed. I'll keep in touch. Chris
  15. RESPECT to Baloo, the kindly Gent has sent me an ample amount of new line for my kite - the proper stuff too.........ace bloke. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get some new longer lines together over the Easter break. Might even get a chance to fly if this damn rain stops for a few hours. I will of course keep you informed of my progress should you be interested. Bye for now Chris
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