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  1. Hi, Thank you so much for the information. Hope to get one soon in the near future.
  2. Hi Spence, Thank You for the full information of the revolution kite. Hope to fly with you again in Singapore. Hi Theresa May I know the price of this kite and who to order if I'm interested in getting one. Thank in advance.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm planning to get Masterpiece Series - Barry Poulter [Eyes (Rev1.5)].There are a few questions I need to know before getting one. What is the material used? Does it come with std or vented? What is the price between std and vented if have? What is the spars for masterpiece? Does it come with RTF? Hope to get all the answers that I need to know. Thank You in advance for all the help.
  4. Hi Bro, It has been a while for not coming into this forum. Just to updated you guys, recently I got myself a mid vent JB Pro. Kinda of heart break when I see my JB Pro Std bend too much under high wind condition. Hope the mid vent will have more air time.
  5. Hi Guys, I have been flying the JB Pro lately, here is a video on flying together with another kite flyer.
  6. Hi stroke victim, I will dun think the JB Pro wil go anywhere except in my kite bag.
  7. Hi stoke victim, Till now I havent try on my 15" handle. Been using the 13" handle so much that kinda of lazy to change and see the different. Maybe this coming weekends, will try on the 15" handle.
  8. Hi Grt. Marcel, Nice colour combination for your JB Pro. I'm going to get mine on this coming Thursday. Will post the picture.
  9. Hi Stroke victim, Glad that you like this kite. I also feel the same way when I first maiden this kite really very light almost like nothing. Too bad I nv use the 15" handle, kinda of use to the 13" handle. Maybe I should try on the 15" handle to see how the handling.
  10. Hi stroke victim, Sure will ppl come over and ask you to fly in a group same as me. They also see me flying alone then come over and ask.
  11. Thanks stoke victim. Hope that one day you also can fly in a group.
  12. Hi stroke victim, Yes, I have a lot of fun in group flying. In the first few try, got some crashes with other kites. They are not angry and kind enough to give me suggestion on how to inprove my input to the kite so that can fly smoothly. Really glad to fly with them, they are all very skillful in group flying. Can do different type of formations. I have to buck up in my rev flying, so that can join them in those formation.
  13. Hi Madquad, Nice colour combination on your rev. A complete set of std to full vent very nice. Too bad in Singapore there is no high wind for full vent, the most will be mid vent. Provide us the feedback on the kite after you test flight. Really can't wait to get mine and fly.
  14. Hi Guys, Just to updated on the group flying that I did last weekends. Really a new experience for me and I enjoy flying in a group. The group are really very helpful and friendly, they are willing to teach each other tricks on team flying. Now I'm hook to group flying after that session. Really help me a lot on my rev skill. Glad that I took the first step in group flying.
  15. Hi stroke victim, Glad to hear that you got the SUL for low wind condition. Really a good kite in low wind but you also have to watch out for high wind. The spar cannot handle high wind.
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