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  1. Thanks mate , yes thats what l mean . l will go and try it tomorrow at the beach and let you know how l got on .
  2. Hi peoples , can some one please tell me how to make my rev flip backwards . ls there a secret to how you do this and dose it have something to do with stand offs on the back of the kite . cheers marce
  3. Hi Nabour how are you ,is there many people that fly Revs there l think lm the only one here dam shame as l need a flying buddy lol

  4. Thanks john , the Rev has only been flowen 2 times and the person who owns it has had to give up flying dew to health problems .
  5. This thread is awesome ,sence l have been a member and have had all my questions answerd lm flying like a pro .

    l just love flying Revs Thanks guys and girls

  6. Hi John , l must say l love your WEB site , nice work ..
  7. Hi No lines , spar , or bag just the sail and bridle .. he did want 250.00 for the sail and spars but it was going to cost 70 .00 NZ to send here.. so l just asked if l could buy the sail only and he said 175.00 Candian plus postage cheers m
  8. Hi Guys l have just been offerd a new new Rev 1,5 with out the spars for 175.00 canadian is this a good score .. cheers m
  9. Thanks guys l made some new handles , 13 inches ,l have also made some 15 inchers as well will use them from now on cheers .
  10. Hi Guys Im back again with another question , can someone please tell me how to hold my hands and keep my Rev straight when inverted lm now flying my new SLE and l just brought a SUL next its a B . lm realy mastering all the moves and have been putting alot of time into practising. l took a little vid of my self and just watched my hand movments to see if l could see what l was doing wrong but lm not realy sure . l see some of you use weights would this help me .. l have now been flying for 4 weeks and have clocked up 46 hrs . Another question what size and length lines should l use on my SUL .. marce
  11. Thanks guys l went out yesterday for a quick fly after work and done some more practice , l have gone to a 13 inch and it seems my flying has improved heaps . l can now hold a inverted hover slide with out moving all over the place ,all becauce of less movment on the handles .. can somone tell me what the diffrence is having a vented and a unvented set up , l guess its for strong conditions having a vented it lets the wind get through without to much stress on the sail .. cheers marce
  12. Hi peoples lm happy to say l have almost masterd all the tricks im learning , but the one that gets me the most is when l invert my EXP it wants to flip all the time is this due to my handle being to big or small or am l especting to much out of my learning kite . l have made 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , inch handles and now l need to know wich one to use and at what wind strength for each one .. cheers Marce ps my SLE should be here tomorrow , cant wait , and next week my SUL arrives ...
  13. fai2

    Quad lines

    G thanks alot l have more time in the air now
  14. Hi peoples Every time l roll my lines out l can spend up to 10 minutes untangleing them I s there a easy way to roll and unroll them , is there a special roller you can buy that l dont know about . please tell . cheers Marce
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