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  1. I am very happy about this solution, many many thanks to Ben and all the other posters. In my eyes the contact with the ground was not very strong but this is of course difficult to proof. I flew two blasts that d-day, with different setups - but exact same conditions, and the second one has no damages at all. Anyway, rev kites found an excellent solution for me. I am very happy with that ! Thanks again, happy wind, Tom
  2. No, there were no rough meetings. The bars are all fine, nothin is broken. As I mentioned above, I watched the kite in the air while the seams are ripping....
  3. i purchased a rev kite blast nearly one year ago from windofchange.com. Some weeks ago, the seams ripped at both sides between the black and transparent rag. I flew this kite last year and this year only a few hours. The wind was good, not too strong, below 5 bft and there werent any crashes. The bars are all well, only the seams and rag ripped off at both sides. Of course I assembled everything right, the blast was perfectly flying for some hourse and very good controlable. The damage occured during the flight in the air, I could even watch and hear the sail ripping . I have no idea how this can happen. Some weeks ago, I returend the kite (only the sail) by mail to windofchange (Kent Kingston) who send it to you. I was in a hope of a waarenty problem, because in my eyes it looks like a material problem maybe oft he seems or sail. Unfortunaly, Kent informed me that the only solution will be selleing me a new sail for over 130US$. I am a bit unlucky with that solution, as i mentioned above, the sail damaged during flight. I have a lot of kites, also from rev, I had never a failure like this. I hope we can find any solution, because flying the blast was so much fun. Please, also note that I flew a second rev blast in exact the same conditions, which did not show any damages at all ! (I bought two rev blast from windofchange) Many regards, Tom
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