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  1. Honestly, I'd much rather walk the entire wooden boardwalk to get back there then slog along in that deep sand from field C. I can't see them giving up B as they use it for ascensions and comp stuff, but, we shall see! As for everything else, ya, what JB said
  2. The place isn't tough enough to hold YOU
  3. Ah thanks for posting these Andy, great memories of a great time once again on the sands of Grand Haven!
  4. I think we will have to video tape Sweet Carolyn, just cuz she's done some great stuff lately :
  5. Oh you were by applying for the role of Secretary, weren't you?
  6. Where is the damn *LIKE* button anyways. Bring one to WSIKF, I wanna fly it!
  7. He (and TK and Stevie D and Watty) are all doing well and apparently having a fantastic time As far as I am aware, there are no "formal" in the fashion of last year. No PA this time out, but, in a better field closer to the main field. But, it'll be a helluva lot of fun regardless!
  8. WHAT a fantastic weekend, I'm glad I dropped down to Oregon for the weekend While Saturday was a little less than even breezy, a Sunday at Seaside more than made up the difference with a truly spectacular day! thanks everyone!
  9. You know this behaviour has saved on us on some very non windy days
  10. On iQuad, this manner of behaviour is usually taken care of by the back end of the line. So to speak.
  11. It's kinda funny, I bought my first Indoor rev when they first came out (and had NASTY NON REV rods in them) and it was likely 5 years before I ever got it inside to fly it.
  12. Hows this for a deal, I'll come down for a weekend and teach you everything you could ever wanna know about Rev flying in exchange for Falconry lessons?
  13. Um no, I'd call that an incorrect judgement myself, and I've judged more than a few of these over the years. You are correct for the reasons you put forth. I was -always- told to ignore the flyer and concentrate on the kite itself during the figure. I'm sure John will pipe in on this as well
  14. In Vanier Park, there's a great, massive flag pole that stands pretty much directly downwind of the best, from the west, winds. Works great for lining things up!
  15. FANTASTIC flying! Really nicely flown, I love the backwards circles :-)
  16. I'll try and see if I can make it down, maybe drag a few friends along eh? ;-) iQuad on home territory! Well, for me at least. Weather looks pretty good so far!
  17. haha, I LOVE this idea! I like how he's thinking with regards to Father's Day
  18. I... break computers. destroy websites. beat up guitars. flog books.
  19. *jaw drops* WOW! Very very unique, all kinds of neat moves happening in there! Well done.
  20. Oh fantastic! I'll go make popcorn now, thanks Mike!
  21. I think they need more Watty!
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