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    next REV'

    Hey there and welcome! If its precision you are after, there's only one choice, a Rev 1. As you suggest, with an SUL frame, you'll be fine down to about 6 mph.
  2. Well, there's essentially a few different frame weights for Revolutions 2 wrap - refers to the super ultralight frames. These will say "Professional Use Only" on the sticker 3 wrap - refers to the ultralight frames. These will say "Ultra Light" on the sticker 4 wrap - refers to the "regular" frame. These will say "Revolution Equipped" on them. So, given your wind range, if you got a 1.5 SLE, you'd be well covered for everything (given you can swap in the lighter EXP leading edge) and if you got a Rev 1 (my usual favorite Rev of them all!) you'd eventually want a 2 wrap frame for ultra quiet days.
  3. Well, some comments in a nutshell Rev 1 - bigger, slower, more precise. I prefer mine with 4 wrap leading edges over SLEs. With a 2 wrap frame, very capable in very low wind. Rev 1.5 - Same size as the EXP, but, with the SLE installed, a little less low wind range, but, comes with better handles. A little quicker than a 1, but essentially the same speed as an EXP. As you have an EXP already tho, you can easily swap its leading edge into the 1.5 SLE and have a lighter wind kite. What are your winds like there usually?
  4. Indeed they do, this is standard across the entire Revolution line,
  5. While I was over in Europe recently, I picked up two sets of Climax line which seems to be readily available over there. I've been very happy with it, no stretching and no binding when its wrapped up a few times. Emkay / http://www.kitesandmore.co.uk/ is where I got one set from. Also, "real" Laser Pro tends to be very stretch resistant
  6. Your point about brakes is an excellent one. As someone who takes it to the extreme, I now usually fly with the bottom lines about 1/2 an inch from the bottom of the handles. You simply get better control. "theres no such thing as too much brake"
  7. monkey

    Kite Pins

    I've been looking for some of the original Rev pins for eons, with no luck, nobody ever seems to want to part with them. I may be doing some REVisions pins up this summer though, I'll let you know if i do.
  8. Part of me says I'm just popping in to say "ME TOO" but, I do agree. While I have SLEs available for my 1s and 1.5s, I do tend use those only in higher winds, on vented kites. Otherwise I now ( as I used to adore the SLEs when they first came out) will stick to the thinner ones, often even using 2 of them (ie, a 2 and 3 wrap leading edge together for a pseudo 5 wrap :wink: ) so that I can have a strong enough LE for the wind, but, still retain some of the flexibility I've grown accustomed to.
  9. If you check on the menu to the left, under "Products", you'll find the new Revolution Sweatshirts are now available for sale. I have extensively beta tested these while in Berck earlier this month and they are VERY warm and comfortable. You'll also find that you are a proven 5% sexier. :wink: They are $25 dollars, plus 5 dollars for shipping and you can order these direct at (858) 679-5785 And note, the Mustang under the shirts is not included.
  10. Hi there and welcome to the forum! A couple of things to check first.... Having seen this on a blast the other day, check that both bridle points on the bottom of the kite are fastened all 4 of the rod tips. Also, check your line lengths to be sure that they are of equal length, both tops and bottoms. and let me know.
  11. I'm pretty sure the Blast comes with a DVD I flew one just today and had a pile of fun with it!
  12. I've watched all these videos before and i highly recommend them, theres some great flying, especially Alex and Seb's Street Kiting. I also had the pleasure of meeting and hanging around with Seb at Berck last week, truly a great flyer and great guy. I saw you flying the mylar rev while I was there but, didnt get a chance to say hello I'll have some videos from Berck/2006 that I'll be mailing to Seb soon to add to this collection.
  13. Hey Stephen, I'm now finally (after about 30 hours worth of travelling) back in Canada. I've gone over the video and there's a good 15 - 20 minutes of it so I'll be converting this over the next few days and I'll send you a DVD of it. Its pretty amusing indeed! Email me your mailing address and I'll make sure you get a copy and, thanks again for all the help, fun and flying in Berck.
  14. For neatness sake, you can line them up the same but, its probably a VERY slight difference. Now I wanna go check all mine to make sure they are even!
  15. I'm also a big fan of the lighter rods. I save my SLEs for my vented kites usually.
  16. No worries, your english is just fine. :-) Tough call between those two kites, as they are similiar in how they fly, but, if I was forced to choose I'd probably go with the Blast, its one step further along the evolution of the design. They are a lot of fun, a lot of pull and they'll glide nicely in lower winds too
  17. I tend to like the all cloth sails as well but, I doubt I could tell the difference flying when flying with a blindfold on, I just tend to like the look of no mylar sails. But, as John points out, stretching may or may not become an issue. One of the things with owning a rev is how long you'll probably be flying it. With a dual, its often "whats hot this month, must own one!" whereas my original 1.5 that I bought in 97 is still very flyable.
  18. I'm with John on this, I don't think it makes a noticeable difference, as long as its not coming off the back of the kite on one side. I have however fretted and wondered about it, so when I set up a new bridle, I'll tend to make sure that they come off the kite the same way.
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