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  1. You know, that's an excellent idea, I'm going to pass that along. Done, mocked up a quick idea and sent it into Dave, Joe and Lolly for comments.
  2. Hey all, just as a quick note, Joe graciously let me get my hands on the new VERY vented Reflex (tentatively called the Super Spider Web at this point) while we were down at Rich Comras's memorial party. This kite should be available pretty soon and damn, it flew well. It kept up to any other very vented kite out there and pull wise, it's roughly about the same amount of pull as the XTRA vent. I'll get some pictures and a better review soon but, Joe and I also talked about a mid vent Reflex as well! I sent Joe back with a few tweaks to this new kite, so, hopefully it will ready to go soon! Quite a handful of people took it for a fly and they loved it. Other things on the go over the next while, We're going to redo the Rev store site entirely over the next few weeks, and at the same time, we will roll the forum back over to the same site. An unfortunate bunch of missteps caused the separation last year and I am looking to fix this. The forum URL will change slightly to match the .com site however, that will be it as far as the forum goes. (I may undertake to dress the place up a little bit too!) thanks all!
  3. Ya, this is PRETTY much correct. I am sure there are a few exceptions to this but, in general, yes.
  4. "Disturbed" sounds like the best description of that kind of wind
  5. Given they are currently considered Rev family, they are fine. I don't know, geeez guys, I don't (and will not) want to start policing a list of who owns what, what's legit and what's not, that just silly . I have better things to do. If it has a Rev logo on it, it's a Rev. And in some cases it may not have a logo on it. Just use some common sense
  6. I'm would not couch it in those terms, it's simply that it's a global Rev count. I wouldn't even call it a licensing "issue".
  7. No, it shouldn't ;-) Doing that opens the door to any quad line kite being included in the list. Sorry.
  8. At this point, I am not aware of any current plans to bring a colorizer back for custom colors, but, perhaps when they start offering custom 1.5 Classics or RXs. I'll ask
  9. *smirk* Yes dear. I think it's fairly safe to say that I wouldn't have a race frame out in such wind. Thanks for the tip. ;-) As I said in my initial reply : "with the sole exceptions being a vent or XTRA Vent, at which point I'll opt for 3 wraps." Maybe even 4s.
  10. Ah but we may get some really funny ones tho...
  11. No worries. Not sure that IS a changeable thing to be honest. One of the downsides to the more modern software but, I'll ask Invision.
  12. I'd agree with that and the Zen. We (iQuad) didn't like them much as team kites but, as a low wind Rev, it's a lot of fun
  13. I'e flown and adored my full size Reflex quite a bit, nothing beats it in low wind! The Kite Collective did killer demos in 2mph with them when everything else was struggling.
  14. And some pictures. I note in these that Kent has returned to his former career of super model... Thanks again to John Chilese for letting me post these!
  15. Just as an update on this, I'll make a point of asking Lolly when I next talk to her to see if this went anywhere. Thanks,
  16. Well, for the moment, you can go here and see ALL of John's great pictures from KTAI :-) https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNAVLxmx-J1h_Akj-_DZPoEz_AKJVlc-RLGe4feaAez34Be7S47-Tjyx5dEMpKdhQ?key=dkc1WjNGRkZ2NHRBQWlwbnIycDJVYlUtMjZYdG9n
  17. Hey there, pending getting some official info from Revolution regarding KTAI this year, this is just a quick update on new kites for 2017. I"ll add pictures to this post once I get permission from John Chilese to post them here. The 1.5 sized Reflex is now done and ready for ordering. Basically the same tweaks (and a couple of new ones) as the original Reflex, just shrunken down in size to the 1.5 form factor. I've had one since before Christmas but, I haven't had a chance to fly it yet and it's driving me kinda crazy. No really. I do promise to write about it once I DO get it out for a fly. There's also a very vented version of the 1.5 Reflex as well, which has been referred to as the Spider. There's been a few videos of the Hadzickis testing it outside the shop, with a pickup truck. And finally, the Rev 1.5 Classic to help people when they want the true 1.5 "thing". Nearly identical to the earlier ones from last year, with a few tweaks as well. Folded in leading edges like the pro, and a set of Reflex verticals as well as non sprung ones. Judging by the pictures, there's also some pretty amazing Masterpiece kites available.... thanks everyone, more info as I get it.
  18. An interesting conversation. While I do get Frob's point to a degree on stiffer frames for gusty winds, I stand by my race in nearly everything. And I have flown my share of South Texas winds too ;-) It's also fair to say that the vast amount of my flying in the last couple of years has been on oceans, so, maybe I'm getting soft, old and lazy. MAYBE.
  19. If you click quote and then go to the bottom of the page, you can chime in. It's kinda odd, I'll look into it
  20. My own personal preference is race in everything, with the sole exceptions being a vent or XTRA Vent, at which point I'll opt for 3 wraps. I'm lazy, I don't like changing rods and the race work in anything. YMMV!
  21. It's an interesting proposition, I'm giving it some thought but, I suspect at the end of the day, the sheer costs involved may hold me back. We'll see, I'm certainly following it with interest on Facebook.
  22. Indeed, good idea! I'll wait until there's an "official" 15 Reflex and it in then. Good idea!
  23. Thanks, I was happy with how it went. I've done a few things like this before, so I was well prepared. And in the two situations that came up in this upgrade, Invision support staff were FAST!
  24. Interesting and yet on THIS post I can reply! So, something is up, I'll look into it over the weekend and nail it down.
  25. Just a quick update, I JUST finished the forum upgrade and it looks to have gone smoothly. Please make a note if you come across anything odd in this thread and thanks!
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