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  1. I think that the XX is one of the best low wind kites out there. Love mine!
  2. monkey


    Usually with the blast, you have 3 rods making up the leading edge, and 4 vertical spars. Anything else would be spares
  3. Better late than never indeed! Welcome to the forum.
  4. monkey

    Forum Upgrade

    One thing to check as I didn't get logged out with this post, make sure you are allowing cookies to be set, the forum requires them
  5. monkey

    Forum Upgrade

    I'll get a look at this. I am not surprised the facebook login isn't working but, I'll see what that issue as well.
  6. I desanded by bag today as well, that fine sand got everywhere!
  7. Personally, I still love Rev 1s. As makatam said, as long as it's not destroyed, this is a great price.
  8. Just a quick note, I have moved the URL of the forum over to https for better security. No action should be required on your part but, if anything behaves oddly, just let me know :-)
  9. Note to self, test changes first...
  10. What do I do in "not kite time"? I sling a guitar around...
  11. Ya, we could use a new header here. John?
  12. monkey

    B2 revolution

    I'll get a look as to why that's not showing up in searches because ya, it's been discussed here. It's really a fun kite!
  13. No worries Guido, I cleaned up! Thanks as always for your videos!
  14. I can measure this for you from mine if need be
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